Thursday, September 21, 2006

Colored TV

I can't wait to tune in to Grey's Anatomy tonight. Not because I've been following the show for the last two seasons and need to know what happens. I've actually only seen one episode of the highly rated show. I'm just in it for all of the colored people on view. That's right. I said it. I'm an Affirmative Action television watcher. I pick my shows based on the number of people of color I'll see on the screen. So why am I not tuning in to one of the so-called Black shows? Because just like the "mainstream" shows that don't feature any colored folks, I'm not interested in watching Black shows where miraculously White people have been eliminated. That's not my world and I don't want to watch it. I like programming, like Grey's Anatomy, where there is a mix of races and ethnicities interacting in ways that mirror real-life. You know like the Black doctor who is dating the Korean doctor? That's like the latest trend (see my previous Kimchi & Chitlins post for clarification) on the romance scene.

I wish more of Network Television (and Survivor doesn't count) would see the benefits of diversifying their casts. I mean from a money-making standpoint, if they didn't try to segregate viewers they could increase their audience numbers. Think about it. Blacks, Whites and Hispanics all tuning in to the same show? Advertisers would trip over themselves to buy ad-space on that bad boy.

It's time to talk about that revolution!

Hey. I wrote about this colored TV issue in an essay -- The Black and the Beautiful -- for Bitch Magazine a while back and it just got reprinted in their fantastic anthology Bitchfest. Check it out if you have the time.

Until then. Happy Viewing.

Peace Out!


Lisa Johnson said...

I really like your blog! I'm a big Grey's Anatomy fan. I watch it every week and discuss it with numerous people. I definitely appreciate the diversity and characters who are real individuals, not just racial stereotypes. Plus I love that a sista created it!

Anonymous said...

Barba said:

I find your article both insightful and funny. You have a point, sadly most shows and characters are either unrealistic or one-dimensional. I appreciate your work. Keep it up!!


Professor Tharps said...

Thanks Anali. How'd you like the first episode of Grey's Anatomy? I'm definitely going to be tuning in as a regular.

Lisa Johnson said...

I liked it, but not much happened. They do like to string us along! I'm really looking forward to Diahann Carroll's appearance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori its your cousin here. Now I usually don't read blogs but I have to say when I started reading yours I find myself waiting for the next entry.
But have you watched any of the newer Survivor? I never watched it before but I started watching it this season(I guess the hype got to me) and I find myself laughing.
On another point I've found it that a person can't really rely on television when it comes to diversifying their shows. At least it depends on the genre. Have you noticed the difference in comedy shows and drama/suspense shows?

imagined-community said...

What about "Lost" for diversity on a prime time drama? A show which I have to say I enjoy more than Grey's Anatomy (sorry). And Lost even featured a hook up between an Iraqi male and a US -- and very white -- female.

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