Friday, July 02, 2010

Do You Still Dream About Traveling Around the World?

Meltingpot Readers,

I think most of you know how much I love to travel and discover new cultures. I thing this desire was first born when I lived in Morocco as an exchange student in high school. I was 17 and it was the first time I'd left the United States. Living in Morocco opened my eyes to "the rest of the world." I discovered that the way we live in the US is not the only way to live. I experienced myself in a whole different way. I learned new languages (Arabic and French), new ways of eating (with my right hand and no silverware) and even new ways of interacting with the opposite sex (very cautiously).

Since then, I always assumed travel to foreign countries would be a part of my life. I assumed I would live abroad at some point and that my children-- whenever I had them -- would be world citizens, multilingual and happy travel bunnies too. I think that's the real reason I married el esposo, to guarantee I'd always have a foreign country to fly off to. I'm kidding...

But now, I have my kids, still hoping for one more. I have a steady job, finally. We have a house and a mortgage. We have debt. How could I possibly still be dreaming about travel? But I am. Really. El esposo and I have fantasized about him finishing his coursework for his Phd and we both get jobs teaching at some international school in the Middle East or Asia. We've also talked about living in Spain for a couple of years, perhaps while he does research for his dissertation. I have the chance to work in London through my job at Temple. So you see the dream is still alive, but it is tempered with a dose of reality. No longer do I honestly think we could just pick up and go somewhere on a whim. But that's okay. I'm not sure I'd like to travel like that anymore. You know, just for the adventure.

But then I saw this contest.

It's called Blog Your Way Around the World and my travel bug got all excited. The winner receives eight amazing, life-changing trips and all of they have to do is blog about them. For ten glorious minutes I allowed myself to dream. I convinced myself that I am the perfect candidate -- a writer who loves to travel. But then the kids, the job, the mortgage, my fear of certain squishy bugs and animals that would certainly be a part of some of those trips, reared their ugly heads. This isn't the contest for me. But maybe it is for one of you. Would some of you please enter and let us know if you win? I'll vote for you!

In the meantime, I'll continue to dream about traveling to exotic locations. I know we'll get there eventually, as a family.

Where do you dream of traveling to? How do you incorporate your current circumstances into the mix?

I'm listening.



Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

That does look tempting, but I love to travel not only to see new cultures and experience new things, but also to feel a little bit more free and unfettered. For that reason, I usually avoid tours and other planned/group excursions. I love being open to falling OFF the beaten track.

But oh, there are so many places I still want to go: India, Vietnam, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Greece, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, New many BACK to most of the places I've been.

I think the hard part is living in the States (esp. on the West Coast) because it's so far to travel anywhere else! Living in Europe or Asia would make it so much easier to travel to other countries. When my hubby and I move to Thailand this fall, we definitely plan to take time not only exploring Thailand more, but to go off to India, Vietnam, maybe Laos and Burma or Australia and New Zealand.

I'm so envious you got to live in Morocco! Friends of ours just moved there and love it. It's always been a dream of mine to live abroad, so I'm so excited for it to finally happen.

I have so much more I want to say, but wow this comment is already long, so I'll stop now. :) Hope you can find a way to scratch that travel itch!

Dee said...

First off, did you read my email regarding your recent blog heading of Spain...Not Again? Let me know.

This isn't the contest for me either. I'm not a blogger by nature...I just like reading them, as you know already. I do hope to travel all over the globe someday, but not today.

Anyway, besides having a wonderful writing career my other dream job is to be an opera singer. Opera singers get bookings to perform all over the world, they even get to sing for various celebrities including presidents and royalty! How cool is that?

As for me there are some key places of interest for me. Here's a short list:
1. Australia
2. Greece
3. Sweden
4. Egypt
5. Provence--well, it's still France but people have said it should be its own country because it is so beautiful

Of course Italy and Spain are without question part of my top ten list.

AnaCeleste said...

My ultimate dream to is to visit as many countries as possible in my lifetime. At the present moment, there are two specific countries that I want to live in for at least a year: Italy and Australia. I visited Milan and Florence for a few days back in '07and I loved it! The food, the language, the culture, and the landscape. I want Italian to be one of the languages I can speak confidently. Australia stands out because I'd love to be in the southern hemisphere where the climates are reversed and to be in a place that is a country and a continent all in one. It'd be great to be in another English speaking country where the culture is different. I've always heard good things about Australia from those who've traveled there. I have a feeling I will get to accomplish this because I plan on becoming an ESL/EFL teacher, which will enable me to teach those wanting to learn English all over the globe.

Kay said...

My list consists of just about everywhere. Countries in Europe, Africa, etcetera. I just really want to get out there. My current situation and job role is one of the best for traveling, though I have struggled to find good international opportunities.

The best approach I saw would be to teach English as foreign language instructor or to become a flight attendant.

They are still on the radar for me, but right now I have other priorities and debt is definitely one of them.

Katrina said...

After thinking a bit about this contest...I think it would be perfect for me! I have never EVER travel out of the United States...and would love to see the world instead of reading about it. Once I enter my essay, will definitely let you know for further support. Thanks for the information...

The countries that I would love to visit are:

Spain (influence from you of course)

....and many more!Thanks again for the info.

Professor Tharps said...

I can't wait to hear more about your big move. And re: west coast living, that's exactly why we stay east.

No worries my friend. I did receive you email. thanks for writing. And i can't wait to hear you sing your first Aria on stage.

Here's my little secret, I cannot get excited about Australia because it's just too damn far away! I couldn't make the flight. Sad, but true.

(Grrr) Debt. But don't let it stop you. Only can make you pause.

Ms. BubbleGum
Please, please, please let us know if you apply ando of course if you win! Good luck.

R. said...

I've always wanted to travel the world but never had much of an opportunity. I also didn't know many people who traveled extensively either unless they were military. :-(. Since high school, I've always wanted to visit Spain (for language courses). The top places on my list are: Spain, Italy, Greece. After visiting those places, I would like to visit France. I have a mild interest in the UK but it's definitely not on the top of the list of places I really want to visit right now. I've never seriously considered visiting many Asian countries but now I'm considering South Korea (Seoul). Indonesia. Canada is on the list. Ecuador is on the list as well. Bora Bora. I also want to visit some major cities in the U. S. A. I know it's not considered exotic travel but I feel as if I need to see more of my own country too. My past and current circumstances that prevent me from traveling to all of these interesting places is my lack of financial resources. I plan to volunteer through Global Volunteers and I am considering getting a TESOL certificate. I feel some "kind of way" that I didn't get to travel when I was younger. I'm hoping to change that very soon.