Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome to My American Meltingpot. This is my space to devote to what is both my obsession and my life, those things called Race and Culture and Identity. I am a Black woman married to a Spanish man with two SpaNegro children. My best friend is half-Japanese and half Irish. My godchildren have a Kenyan mother and a Jewish father from Detroit. I used to live in Brooklyn where my son's pre-school playmates weren't considered normal if two languages weren't spoken in the home. I love this part of America. The funny thing is, usually Race and Culture and Identity are always considered PROBLEMS. And sometimes they are, but a lot of times they aren't. I'm here to chronicle them all, as I see fit.

Expect to find commentary on political events, news stories and my kids' playdates. I'll also throw in a book review, interview and maybe even an amazing photograph here and there. If, of course, I can figure out the technology of blogging. I'll admit this right now, I am a major technophobe, but I'm trying to turn away from my Luddite past. So let the games begin.

Peace Out!

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