Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Revolutionary Rue in Paris

On April 29, in a suburb of Paris, a street was renamed and dedicated to the most famous death-row inmate in America, if not the world, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Already an honorary citizen of Paris, Abu-Jamal's new street appropriately runs close to the Nelson Mandela Stadium. Abu-Jamal is still in prison for allegedly killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1981, so he obviously wasn't in attendance at the three-day ceremony.

I find it fascinating that a city that was rocked by race-based riots less than a year ago, is dedicating a street to a "revolutionary" Black man. But then again, Paris has always had a thing for Negritude, even before Josephine Baker and her banana skirt arrived. Meanwhile, while Abu-Jamal's supporters around the world toasted the town of St-Denis for their rue Mumia Abu-Jamal, the widow of the slain officer called the dedication, "disgusting." What's more, she requested that Philadelphians cancel any summer trips planned to France.

I hope Philly doesn't ban French Fries over this!

Peace Out

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