Sunday, June 25, 2006

News Flash! Asian Men are Sexy

In a move that caught most of us unawares, the publishers of TV Guide have given the go ahead for America at large to start objectifying Asian men as the objects of desire. Yes it's true. Daniel Dae Kim of ABC's Lost, graces the cover of this week's TV Guide with the headline "TV's Sexiest Men" emblazoned across his partially exposed chest. Granted it's a split cover this week, meaning some people's TV Guide might have a Black man or a White guy or a sexy Latino on the cover, but still. When in this Americana culture has an Asian man been officially sexy, anointed by such an arbiter of middle class tastes as TV Guide? This is a day for celebration. Not just for Asian men who can now proudly proclaim themselves sexy, but for the rest of us who always lusted after Asian men but had to justify our obsession like we were doing something naughty. Now we can simply reference "that hot guy" on Lost, mention the TV Guide cover and continue with our Asian fantasies.

Peace Out!

P.S. I hope they really meant it. I mean I hope the Editors at TV Guide really do think Daniel is a hottie and they weren't just trying to be PC in their selection. You don't think?....Well, even if they were, nice of them to include an Asian guy in the mix. I guess that's progress in some way.

More Peace thrown at you!


Anonymous said...

my friend dave thinks he's sexy. he happens to be asian, too.

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's too late

All girls who are not from Asia and most of those who are have made up their minds already. I will never be considered attractive by anyone of my generation.

Anonymous said...

damn the world by the way