Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Killing Me Softly

We are losing our Humanity.

What is wrong with mankind that we keep killing each other? Killing innocents. Killing anyone who doesn't look like us or believe in what we believe. I am sickened by all the fighting in the middle east. In Israel. In Iraq. In Lebanon. My body shudders at the images in the newspapers. My mind rejects the words that spell out the evil that pours from men's souls. I am horrified that with all of that grand scale horror, Black people are killing each other in my new adopted hometown of Philadelphia at rates so high, they might as well be living in a war zone. Why do we care so little about life? When did violence trump negotiation, compromise and respect? And while I'm asking these questions, why is George Bush still our president? But I digress.

Yesterday on the local news here in Philly, a Lebanese Moslem man, married to an American Jewish woman was interviewed. He still practiced his faith, his wife practiced hers and their children had grown up rich in both cultures. He didn't have to beat her into submission. She did not resort to subterfuge and violence to convince her husband that her path was the chosen one. Instead, they loved each other to freedom. Amazing.

Peace and Grace.

PHOTO CREDIT INFORMATION: photographer: aeric meredith-goujon (check out his awe-inspiring and eclectic work at aericmg.com) model - mike manning, and the makeup artist - jewel whinfield


Anonymous said...

You watch the news? I gave it up a few months back for peace of mind. I get tid-bits here and there but like you, my heart gets really bogged down with what is actually occurring in our global village. Of late the thing that is getting me really down is that Black American children watch more TV then any other ethnic group. The implications and results are staggering. There is so much self-hatred and the cycle continues. Black People turn your TV's off!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Eileen Flanagan said...

I've also been horrified by the escalating violence both here in Philadelphia and in the Middle East. Recently I learned that they are not disconnected. Sociologists and historians have found a strong correlation between war abroad and an increase in violence at home, dating back to at least the 13th century. The reason is that the state is legitimizing violence. If the President has a problem with Sadam Hussein, he brings out his big guns to solve it. What is this teaching sixteen-year-olds? You get my point.

The stories of reconciliation don't make CNN as often, so it is important for us to share them. Recently a friend who just got back from Israel/Palestine told of meeting a group of men working together for peace. They were former members of the Israeli army and former members of violent Palestinian groups. Looking at them, you wouldn't have known who was who. But their joint conference didn't make the evening news, so we writers/bloggers/mother-profits have to spread the hope!