Monday, January 22, 2007

Presidential Race

Is it just me or is everybody salivating over the idea of Senator Barack Obama as our next president? Even though Hillary has more experience playing politics, I still think she should curb her enthusiasm, see the big picture and run as Senator Obama's number two. Yes, Obama for President and Hillary Clinton for vice president. Isn't it just delicious?

Everyone says America is ready for a change and I believe only something as radical as having a Black man and a woman running this country, will change really come. It has to start with the symbols.

And even if he doesn't win, 2008 is going to be a great year for the American people to come to terms with their true convictions on racial and gender equality. And this just in, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is now eyeing a run for president as well, which would make him the first Hispanic president. Sound the alarm, this race is going to be all about Race!

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A MELTINGPOT TV MINUTE: I know I'm only like two years behind on this one, but I only just turned the television back on for my two kids and they looooove the Backyardigans. So I started to watch too. I noticed that two or three of these fanciful little animal/creatures sound like they are voiced by Black people. Uniqua is one of them and Tyronne is another. Then there's Pablo the Penguin (who I'm guessing by his name is Latino). These cute little guys are always having imaginary adventures in their backyards and always manage to sing and dance through the majority of each episode.

Clearly their race is being masked by their animal exterior but come on, we know who's doing those voices right? But as I zipped around cyberspace I realized what a massive phenomenon these Backyardigans really are. Grown men and women are rabid fans. Chat rooms and fan sites are all over the web. People are downloading their music and petitioning Nick Jr. for more episodes. And I'm just wondering do all these people know that the Backyardigans are um, well, colored, and if they were kids and not animals, would the love still be there? It's just a question...

Peace Out!


Eileen Flanagan said...

I have to admit I'm a big Obama fan. As someone who knocks on doors every campaign, I'm much more jazzed about getting people to vote for him than for Hillary. And here's the funny thing: I've been polling all the swing voters I know. Many of them hate Clinton and would never vote for her, but so far all the swings like Obama. An old friend even told me that her dad (who I wouldn't have even put in the swing category because he's so conservative)likes Obama! This is a man who when I worked in his fancy restuarant during college used to give me all the black and Jewish customers, saying, "Here Eileen, you like these people." Now maybe he's part of the "Doug Wilder factor" (referring to whites who tell pollsters they'll vote for a black candidate, but then really don't), but the fact that my friend's dad would even consider voting for Obama tells me that he really does have a shot.

lori said...

Well alright then. Obama in 2008! Whoop! Whoop!

Thanks for reading.

Anali said...

I agree that everyone seems to like Obama. I like Hillary, but I'm not feeling that excited about her campaign. I actually prefer Edwards over her too.