Monday, February 26, 2007

God & Oscar

Last night the 79th Annual Academy Awards featured the most international cast of nominees ever. And the actors up for the golden statues were an impressive mix of ethnic flavors, not just chocolate and vanilla either. In years past, Black people would be so happy to have just one Black face represented amongst the nominees, even if it was an award for sound-mixing. But last night there was actual Black on Black competition. In the category of Best Male Actor, Will Smith AND Forrest Whitaker were nominated. Just like in tennis, Black actors have proven that given a chance, they will rise to the top and dominate.

And speaking of Black actors, why is it only the Black actors thanked God when they won an Academy Award? Jennifer Hudson began her thank you speech for Best Supporting Actress with, "Look What God Can Do." And Forrest Whitaker also invoked the Almighty when he gave his impassioned and emotional words of gratitude after winning Best Actor. But Alan Arkin didn't. Neither did Helen Mirren. So does that mean God only helps Black people with their acting? Does God use Affirmative Action when deciding which actor to support? Hmm? Are the White actors too proud or embarrassed to admit that God has something to do with their success? Do they secretly thank God in their mind and just not on stage in front of all their peers and the television viewing audience? Or maybe God isn't really in their vocabularly.

It is true, the audience seemed kind of unsure of how to respond to JHud's holy talk. Nobody really clapped or gave big ups to the big G. Not like at the Grammy's where Mary J. Blige thanked God like every 5 seconds (even Ludacris gave God some credit for his big win) and the crowd went wild.

Does God have a place in Hollywood? Maybe, Maybe not. But here's the thing. You notice the ones thanking God were the ones who walked away with the Oscar at the end of the night.

Let the Church say Amen!



Glib Gurl said...

LOL @ "So does this mean God only helps Black people with their acting?" I've also noticed the trend of more people thanking God at the Grammys. But it always kills me when some rapper gets up there to thank God knowin' that their album has some of the most vile, ungodly stuff ever recorded! *lol*

lori said...

Hey GG,

I always wondered how exactly God fits into the rap world. I mean is the average rough rider reading the Bible to get inspiration for his lyrics and perhaps only after prayer and meditation is he able to come up with such divine pearls like, "whup that trick!"


Thanks for reading the Meltingpot!

Tomi said...

I think that the church/God in America is still a big part of the Black experience. Churches were central to the civil rights movement, and black religious leaders have always been more than just clergymen, but community leaders and organizers. Most black folks at least went to church when they were growing up. 30 years ago, it was probably the same for whites. Us black folk are just a little bit behind (or ahead?)