Monday, February 05, 2007

Good News!

There's no connection to any of these items today except that they all made me smile.

1. Black kids are on top ...of the political game. Just when you thought young Black America was doomed to die out from either gun violence or just the stress of being Black, come to find out (thanks to the The Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning Engagement) that young Blacks (ages 15- 25) are the most politically conscious and active youth in the nation. According to the 2006 report done by the The Center, " compared to young Latinos, Whites, and Asian-Americans, young African-Americans are the most likely to vote regularly, belong to groups involved with politics, donate money to candidates or parties, display buttons or signs, canvass, and contact the broadcast or print media. They are also the most likely to raise money for charity." Right On! Now if all of these politically active young people can get behind a certain senator from Illinois in 2008, the revolution might just come.

2. Beyond Borders -- I just discovered this great blog by a Philadelphia woman who plucked her three daughters from their comfortable suburban lifestyle and plunked them down in the Gambia, West Africa. Why? Because she could. The whole family is staying for three months, the kids are in school, they live like the natives and mom is blogging about it here. It's a fascinating read and a testament to one woman's belief in teaching her children about the oneness of humanity.

3. Fashion Forward -- I discovered Swirl Syndicate on another blog (Our Kind Of Parenting) and had to post something about it. This is a company started by a frustrated Black mother of a whiteish-looking child. It happens when us colored folk love across the color line and get these pale, pale babies who people think we're just watching or perhaps we stole them. She channeled her frustrations from being mistaken for the nanny into an adorable line of clothing for mixed children and the people who love them. Check out Swirl Syndicate here.

And that's all she wrote.

Peace Out!

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