Monday, April 09, 2007

Imus Still on In the Morning?

Apology time is here. Don "I'm a good person" Imus apologized again this morning for his racist, sexist, offensive remarks regarding the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. (See my previous post for details.) He's scheduled to appear on Al Sharpton's radio program today and his networks are promising to keep a closer eye on him.

I spoke this morning about the origins of the word Nappy on the Brian Lehrer show and why it is so fraught with meaning. I also publicly wondered why Imus would even know about this word unless he's got an in with some Black people. But the biggest question in my mind is still...


Many callers on the Brian Lehrer show thought Imus should basically be forgiven because he's an equal opportunity racist and because he does nice things for kids with cancer. Besides the fact that that is using really faulty logic, we don't let other radio personalities and tv hosts get away with such talk so why is Imus any different? Wendy Williams was suspended from the airwaves for an entire year after she said a certain hip hop superstar was gay. And other urban radio hosts/shock jocks have also been fired over crude, offensive remarks. And they deserved it. But so does Imus. Oh yeah, but he's White. Is that the difference?

Holla back with your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Imus can certainly be forgiven for his comments, but forgiveness is different from excusing and thereby allowing him to continue on the air. Removing him entirely from the air would make it clear that he crossed a line and there are certain comments that go beyond "free speech" or just an "unfortunate mistake." Don Imus knew exactly what he was saying; saying outrageous things on the air is the basis of his radio persona, and it is very possible that he has heard the term "nappy" somewhere along the way. It is easy to say what one wishes on the air and then apologize later once the damage has been done. If he is not removed from the air, then we have to indeed ask why; is his being a white male prevent that? He is white, male, and has been on radio a long time and has a large, faithful following. It would take a lot to get rid of someone like that. Those points notwithstanding, Imus needs to go.

Carrier said...

Lori! it was a great to hear you on the air-what a fantastic surprise to my day. i thought you were sharp, on point, informed and insightful. i felt so proud for you. much love, Carrie Rubinstein

LorMar said...

Very insightful. Honestly, I don't think he will be fired. It isn't because I don't want him to be. The best thing to do would be to continue to speak out against him. I can't wait to see who is still willing to go on his show. So far, Rudy Guilanni and high profile democrat Paul Begalla (sp) said they'd continue to be guests. Out of curiosity, I didn't quite understand why you felt Sharpton was speaking out for personal gain. Could you elaborate on that?