Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Japanese Beauty

In the world of stereotypes and preconceived notions, Japanese women are rarely depicted as beauty queens. But as of last night, history turned a new page when 20-year-old Riyo Mori was crowned Miss Universe. She is only the second Japanese woman ever crowned Miss Universe. Her predecessor wore the sparkly tiara back in 1959. I wonder if the people of Japan are celebrating the victory?

Interestingly, Miss Japan won over the boisterous crowd in Mexico City because she began her speech during the interview portion of the competition with, "Hola, Mexico" and did not trip and fall during the evening gown portion of the competition like Miss USA did.

Congratulations Ms. Mori, the Meltingpot wishes you the best of luck spreading good cheer around the globe and promoting alternative visions of universal beauty.


By the way, check out Racialicious today and watch the commercial for Iberia Airlines. Is it just me or do the Spanish people just not understand what is considered offensive, off-color, caricatures of Black people? I'm so fascinated by their complicated "issues" with Black folk, I wrote a book about it called Kinky Gazpacho. Watch for it next spring. In the meantime, appreciate the fact that this ridiculous Iberia airlines ad featuring a white baby and two hoochie mama looking Cuban women on the beach was pulled from the airwaves.

And please note that I'm not suggesting that the Spanish are alone in their collective issues knowing what is offensive to the viewing public, (Need I even utter the words Don Imus?) They've just caught my interest since I married a Spaniard and spend lots of time in that country as both an oddity and a delight. It's complicated. That's what I said before.

Hasta Pronto.


JustMeWriting said...

hello...I was just browsing blogs and came across you page and beings thought we're both in Philly...I just had to say hello.

I didn't see the pagent...it's been so long since I watched any, but that is an accomplishment for their country, so I'm sure they're loving it.

lori said...

Thanks JustMe,

Just checked out your blog. Still laughing.

Thanks for reading the Meltingpot. Please continue to check in. I post on Mondays.

loving Philly btw.

LorMar said...

I took a look at the Iberia Airline commercial and I found it offensive in more ways than one. In addition to the offensive portrayel of black women, there was a baby being massaged. Not saying this was intentional, but can anyone say pedophilia? I think there is a danger in portraying children in that kind of light (regardless of race).