Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nicole Richie -- In Search of an Authentic Negro Experience?

Maybe it's because I just returned from the Loving Decision conference where I was surrounded by healthy multiracial individuals, that I just can't stop thinking about Nicole Richie.

If there was ever a mixed chick who needed help, it has to be her. Although she vehemently denies an eating disorder, Nicole clearly needs to put on some weight before a strong wind picks her up and carries her away. And the drugs and other illegal substances she likes to ingest before driving backwards on the highway, make me think she is a very troubled little girl. Duh! Right? So I did a little research and I have a theory.

Nicole apparently self-identifies as African-American, because her adopted father is Lionel Richie or because she actually has African-American ancestry, I'm not sure. But the point is, maybe Nicole is so troubled because she feels she really is a Black girl trapped in a skinny White girl's body and she doesn't know how to let her inner Shanika Jones out. Maybe, just maybe, instead of hanging with Paris Hilton, Nicole should be paling around with Queen Latifah and India Arie and they could help her get in touch with her interior authentic Black self. (Note: If Hollywood is reading this, that would be a really good reality show.)

I'm speaking from experience. I know what its like to want to be authentically Black but have nobody to turn to for lessons in Negritude. I moved to Brooklyn to learn my lessons, maybe Nicole could exit LA and try the same thing. It's just an idea. Or maybe Lionel could come down from dancing on the ceiling and be a good father and take his daughter down South and fatten up body and soul with some down home cookin' and sweet tea therapy.

With rumors now swirling that Nicole might be preggers, I just hope she finds some peace sooner rather than later.

And now back to things that really matter.



ayda said...

So, let me get this straight, are you really saying that Nicole would be okay if she could just learn how to be fat and 'country' like REAL black women? Even if you're joking, this is a disturbingly racist/self-hating line of thinking for a supposedly anti-racist blog.

And, as a "mixed chick" myself, I sure don't need your kind of help. Hopefully you'll find some peace sooner rather than later.

lori said...


First, thank you for taking the time to visit the Meltingpot.

Second, I was kind of joking and I'm sorry if you felt it was offensive.

Third, even if Nicole Richie packed on 40 pounds she'd be far from fat. The implication in going down south to eat and drink Sweet Tea, is not that Nicole needs to get Fat and Country (why'd you go there I wonder?) but rather to experience the warm embrace of down home family. That type of family, mother-love that Southern Black people are famous for. That soothing sort of healing that can only come from a home-cooked meal served by loving hands and followed up with a warm embrace that makes you feel so safe. That's Southern healing. Yes it begins with food. Yes I think Nicole might need some of that kind of help.

I hope that clears up my intentions.