Friday, June 08, 2007

Say Goodbye Mr. Washington

According to the New York Times, Grey's Anatomy star, Isaiah Washington will not be coming back to the hit show next season. Reportedly, Washington's contract is not being renewed because of his usage of an anti-gay slur to describe a fellow cast member some eight months back. We wrote about the whole brouhaha here on the Meltingpot.

How does this fit into our theme of celebrating interracial relationships for the Loving Conference 2007 Countdown? Well, it means television's most celebrated -- and perhaps only -- good looking, African-American, Korean-American, upper-middle class, professional couple will be no more. Light a candle, watch the reruns and remember the good times between Dr. Preston Burke and Dr. Cristina Yang. They helped bring an alternate vision of interracial love into the mainstream.

But here's a thought. What is the likelihood of Grey producers finding a Korean male star to be Dr. Yang's newest love interest? If you ask me, there's a heck of a good chance the next person she gets involved with will not be Asian. So the titilating, multi-culti love fest should continue at Seattle Grace.


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