Monday, September 17, 2007

America the Beautiful

I didn't watch the Emmy's last night, but that doesn't mean I wasn't really happy to see that America Ferrera won an award for Best Actress in a comedy series for Ugly Betty.

True confession, I've never watched Ugly Betty but I loved America in Real Women have Curves and she was pretty sweet in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But more importantly, I think it's fantastic to have a Latina woman win this award. I've seen it mentioned that Ferrera would be the first Latina woman to win an Emmy, but this is not true as Rita Moreno, I believe, holds this honor for her work on The Electric Company. Still, America may be the first Primetime Latina Emmy Award winner. Whether she's a first or not, she's definitely in a small pool, so hats off to wonderful young actress.

Here's a Meltingpot trivia question. What country are America's parents from?


And Changing the Subject...

Those of you living close to New York City, should check out theUp South International Book Festivalthis week. It runs September 19-23 in Harlem. The festival honors literary works by people of color from all over the world and incorporates music, dance, film and spoken word poetry into the celebration. Some of the authors who will be attending include, Martha Southgate, Tina McElroy Ansa,Stacey Patton, and the great Caribbean writer, Maryse Conde. And that's just a taste. Filmmakers from Iran, Senegalese dancers and Philly's own Sonia Sanchez will also be in attendance. In an effort to prove that people of color do create literary works beyond street lit, Up South, Inc. was founded, so check it out.

Happy reading.



Carleen Brice said...

You ought to check out Ugly Betty. The entire cast is great. The only problem is it comes on opposite The Office, so I watch Ugly Betty online. :)

Anonymous said...

America Ferrera's parents are from Honduras.

Me said...


Thanks for the tip. And thanks for reading. I can't wait to read your new novel.

And anon.

You're right America's parents are from Honduras.