Thursday, May 08, 2008


• May is National Mixed-Race Experience Month. I don't know if that's on any official government calendar, but Heidi Durrow over at The Light Skinded Girl has declared it to be so and is dropping some knowledge about people of mixed-race heritage. She highlights a different historical "mixed-race" fact every day of the month. I'm learning so much and encourage you to take a peek. Did you all know, for instance, that singer/songwriter, Carly Simon's mom was Black and Jewish? Me neither, but when you think about it, it's like 'yeah, I could see that.'

• There is no Me Without You. Mildred Loving, the Black woman who paved the way for interracial couples to legally marry in all fifty states, died last week at age 68. Mildred and Richard Loving were actually thrown in jail when they returned to their home state of Virginia as a legally married couple, having tied the knot in Washington, DC. Their efforts to knock down the anti-miscegenation (don't you hate that word? It sounds like a venereal disease.) came not from a grandiose political agenda, but from a practical one. They wanted to live together as man and wife in their home state of Virginia and raise their children in peace. Simple acts of love and faith often make the most difference in this world. To read more about the Loving decision and the June 12th celebration of the day the Supreme Court Decision was delivered, check out Loving And this June 12, remember Mildred and Richard.

• Just a Random Thought. I heard a woman on the radio say she was so confused as to who to support as the Democratic candidate for president. "I'm a Black woman," she moaned, "so I don't know if I should support the woman candidate or the Black candidate." I wanted to reach my hand through the stereo speakers and slap her and say, "Bitch, vote for the candidate who you think will do the best job in the White House." What difference does it make if the person has a penis or a vagina, Black skin or White? I would never pick any leader based on their genitalia or skin color. Why is this an issue now? Okay. I'm done.


And Happy Mother's Day (a little bit early)


glamah16 said...

I did not know that about Carly Simon. It does explain a lot!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Really about Carly Simon. I knew she was an heir to the Simon & Schuester publishing house.

Like glamah16 said...that does explain alot.

mprice said...

I feel you on the presidential thing. I had a fellow graduate student ask me how I was going to vote as a Black woman. I responded that I was actually fed up with the fact that it has only come to "Black person vs. Woman" in the presidential race. I think it is sad that this is all the media is focusing on as opposed to more important, not to mention RELEVANT, issues. It's also upsetting that once again Black women are being erroneously forced into making a choice based on their allegance to the Black race or in the name of sisterhood with all women. It is an unfortunate Catch-22 that should not exist in the first place. I'm glad someone else feels like I do.

p.s. I found this blog by accident and now I am going to add it to my favorites.

Me said...

Glamah16 and Ragazza,
You feel me right?


I'm glad you stumbled across the Meltingpot. I'm glad I'm not the only one frustrated over this Black vs Woman thing.

Keep stopping by!

Chica Baja La Plaza said...

um, this is off topic but to the poster of this blog, do you have an email i can reach you at because i read in a profile about you that you'd lived in Salamanca, Spain. i was shocked because i had known youd lived in spain and ran into racism, but i hadnt known where previously. I lived in Salamanca from aug 2006-june 2007 and i had a great time..what happened in your experience? i didnt encounter any blatant racism atleast that i was aware of. like literally everyday i walked down the street at least 3 or 4 spanish guys i'd encounter, usually middle-aged to old, would like almost stop me in the streets with offers of taking me home and "compliments" i guess. i dont know if maybe i should look at it as bad as in maybe they associated blacks with being sexual? i don't know, i didnt look at it that way really. the few times i went out to bars, i had regular guys approach me each time, from spanish to other variation of european. when i first got to spain even, i was in madrid and noticed a number of old spanish men with black african wives. it was just so weird living there because im only 19, and was 17 when i first moved there, but i'd never gotten such constant male attention even from black guys until i lived in spain. should i have seen this as racist? i just want to know more about your experience expecially if you experienced it in salamanca. youre so lucky to have met your husband there if so. i met a good amount of guys but the one who stuck out from beginning to end was a guy named Juan Manuel, JuanMa for short. he was my professor and if he'd asked me to marry him randomnly i wouldve in a second. unfortunately he had a girlfriend..but in the beginning he was my primary reason for learning spanish. anyway, real sorry to take up this post like this, i just didnt know how else to reach you otherwise.

That Girl Tam said...

I wandered over here by way of...umm...dayum...I don't know who! HAHAHA...but I like what I've seen so far!!

I'm bi-racial and my children are multi-racial, so I will DEFINITELY be taking a peek!! And here I just thought Carly Simon had weird lips. HAHAHA!!

Me said...

Hey TGM,

Thanks for stopping by. Checked out your blog and got stuck there reading for like an hour. LOL!

Come back again.