Friday, July 18, 2008

Do White People Like Sugar?

Yesterday I was out visiting with my neighbor. He happens to be a groovy, 30-something White guy whom I love to pieces. He had just arrived home and his little five-year old daughter came out to greet him. Her greeting sounded something like, "Hi Daddy, can you help me get my bike out of the garage?" His reply, "Hey, wait YOU DIDN'T GIVE DADDY ANY SUGAR."

I almost fell over. I didn't know White people asked for sugar! I definitely didn't know 30-something guys asked for sugar. I thought that was a "Black" thing. My neighbor is born and bred in Pennsylvania, so he can't even claim it as a southern throw back. He laughed when I told him that I was shocked that White folks asked their kids for sugar. And I immediately knew it was going on the Meltingpot. Here's just another way we're all just alike. Spreading sweetness all around.

So you know I gotta ask. Did you grow up with your aunties/grandad/daddy asking for sugar? How far off base was I thinking this was a Black thing?

Here's to a sweet weekend.



yvonne said...

Ha! That's absolutely adorable. Your neighbor does sound groovy! I've rarely heard a white person ask for some (figurative) sugar, but when it happened they usually had some Southern roots. That said, I think EVERYBODY should adopt the sugar, right? ;->

Christina said...

I'm so glad you asked - yup, I grew up with my great-grandmother (who was italian), my father, and my mother all asking for sugar. And yeah, they're all white :).

Anonymous said...

yep, I'm white and my grandparents would call it giving sugar. I haven't thought about that in years! Thanks for reminding me, now I might start calling it that too.