Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meltingpot Clothes for the Mixed Crowd

Okay. It's a short one today. Just wanted to give a shout out to Rudy Guevarra, a hip, happening Mexipino I met at the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival in Los Angeles. Being a Mexipino, Rudy says, all comes down to having soy sauce and salsa on the dinner table every night.

Rudy is the creator and founder of a cool online clothing company called Multiracial Apparel. He also has a Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies. The company sells clothing that celebrates the mixed race experience and other funky creations that they deem worthy. It's more than just clothing it's a movement. Very cool. Check them out when you get a chance.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Lori and congrats on the new clothing line! I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Much love and respect,