Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Boo-hoo. Yesterday I had to cancel our annual trip to Spain because of this dammed pneumonia that will not let go of my lungs!!!

My summer does not feel right without escaping this country for a minute or too. But when God/The Universe has other plans, you gotta roll with it I guess.

Since I'm not going anywhere, except my doctor's office, I was thrilled to stumble across this wonderful blog, Chikky Soup Meets Stinky Tofu. It is a travel blog of an African-American librarian from Indianapolis who jetted off to China for work and play. She's actually back in the United States now, but her blog is worth reading, as is her regular blog, Crazy Quilts, which is chock full of literary information.

Happy travels to the rest of you all. Anybody going somewhere extra special this summer?


Anonymous said...

You're not supposed to have pneumonia in the middle of the summer! Please take best of care and get well soon! I can understand your frustration in being landlocked for the summer, perhaps you'll be able to escape before the year ends.
And thanks so much for supporting my blogs!
It was an amazing year in the Republic of China/Taiwan and it's good to be home, jet lag and all!

Ehav Ever said...

Sorry to hear that the pneumonia spoiling your travel plans.

I have been traveling over Israel. Most of the time I have been near Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, but I have had the chance now to travel to places in the north and south.