Friday, September 19, 2008

Meltingpot Stories in the Mainstream Media

Hey People,

Since I don't post on the weekends, I know you still might need your fix of Meltingpot stories while I rest. Turns out this month you need look no further than your local news stand and pick up a copy of:

The October issue of Vogue magazine. Yes, that Vogue. There is a very nice first-person essay about an interracial marriage between an upper-class White New Englander and her working-class Maori husband from New Zealand. The author basically tries to make the point that despite the vast cultural divide between her husband and herself, the biggest obstacle in their marriage they had to overcome was class not race.


The Fall 2008 issue of Brain Childmagazine. This season's issue has two essays about raising biracial children, one written by a Black mom, the other by a White mom. Both very thought provoking and well written. For any moms out there who are looking for a magazine about parenting that goes beyond rating the best sippy cups on the market, you should definitely check out Brain Child.


The October Issue of Glamour magazine features the 2nd article in their series on women and race. This month's panel considered the question, "Do you have friends of other races?" The panel was moderated by one of my favorite writers, Veronica Chambers and included some very interesting women, including Ms. Racialicious herself, Carmen Van Kerckhove. FYI, the final part in the series in an upcoming issue of Glamour will be about interracial relationships. So stay tuned.

So there you have it. Read them and maybe comment here if you have something to say about any of the aforementioned stories. Or, if you've come across any other recent Meltingpot stories in the news, let us know. Or if you're like me and get frustrated at how infrequently you find stories in the mainstream media that actually reflect your colorful world, you can comment on that too.



Anonymous said...

No es exactamente el tema actual, pero...
Acabo de leer su libro. Me gusta muchisimo. Debido a "Kinky Gazpacho" fui a Wikipedia, en español, buscando reportajes sobre esclavitude en España. ¡Y lo encontré!ña
Creí que quisiera saber.


Jill K
de Oregon, EEUU

Me said...

Gracias Jill,

Lo buscaré.!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I read that Vogue article. It was very interesting.