Monday, November 03, 2008

A Little Pre-Election Wisdom from a 7-Year Old

An excerpt from a conversation with my seven-year old after his school's mock presidential election.

My son: Mom, Jackson said he was voting for Obama because he's African-American and he'd be the first African-American president.

Me: And why did you vote for Obama?

My son: Becasue he's smart.

From the mouths of babes, people.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow (like that's really an option this year!) and tune in for the Meltingpot's perspective from life inside a swing state. I'll be posting throughout the day tomorrow. I've refrained from talking politics until now, so I'm going to let loose tomorrow. Did anyone else bake cookies for voters who have to stand in line? What are you doing to celebrate election day?

Peace and Democracy!


Christina said...

The cookie idea is FABULOUS! I may just have to do that. Did you come up with this yourself?

Spring said...

COOKIES? Love this idea! I want to bring my kids with me to vote so they can really --feel--the moment...I'm going to scope out the line first to try to find a time when it's busy but not too crazy busy.

This is our year. This year, we get to show our kids it IS possible.

riffraff814 said...

Although, it prevents me having to wait in a line tomorrow, I'm sad to report that my entire county (and most of my state) is Vote By Mail, so we don't get the election day vibe as much. It's more of a Counting Day, or Reporting Day.

My 4 year old enjoys saying Obama more than McCain -- at least she's decisive...

Ananda said...

I love the wisdom.