Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No Lines. No Drama

So, I voted. There was a short line. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. No machines broke down, nobody tried to trick me into voting for McCain and there wasn't a single hanging chad in the joint! If it weren't for the irate lesbian with the fluffy white dog having a hissy fit at top volume because she didn't want to wait in line for even five minutes, I would have to say that the whole voting experience was kind of anti-climactic.

In fact, me and the the 7-year old ended up feeding the poll workers instead of the voters just now because our polling place was practically empty at 5:30pm. Apparently the only time there was a real line wrapping around the block was in the early morning hours before the workday started. At 9:45 am when I voted, it was mostly mommies and old folks. There were donut holes and coffee for everyone! But it felt great to feed the workers who had been there all day long and were so grateful for the snacks. (We took cookies and candy) One voting official said he didn't expect any more long lines before polls close because 70 percent of the district population had already voted. I guess I live in a pretty politically active and responsible hood. Love Mount Airy!

And now we wait...

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Anonymous said...

just curious, why the need to label the irate woman "lesbian"?