Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am so excited I can barely type. I can't even wrap my mind around this amazing moment in time. I cry and laugh and get all giddy at once. I weep for Obama's parents and grandmother who couldn't be here to witness this greatness. I am so excited for the possibilities this presidency brings. I am inspired to do so much more in my own life because of what Barack Obama has done with his. He had the audacity to hope for this, why can't I and the rest of you do the same? Imagine what could happen...

I'll write more later, but right now I can't see through my tears. In the meantime, for some excellent commentary about this historic win, check out some of the articles on The Root. Make sure you read the essay by Henry Louis Gates Jr.

I am for the very first time in my 36 years of life, really proud to be an American right now.



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...


glamah16 said...

I cant even focus today. Im euphoric!

LT said...

Ragazza and Glamah Girl,

Cyber hug and a high five to you both!

Evan said...

Obamas parents were such an insperation for him. Without them he would hae been a very different man. This article really gets at the importance of his mother on his life

Deciphering Barack: Obama’s Mama Drives His Desire to Redeem
By Nicholas Powers
October 18, 2008 - Indypendent
Why forgive? When we are wronged and wronged again by a loved one, why isn’t rage enough? It never is. Slowly, it becomes silence. The silence hardens into a brittle pride that breaks when revenge is beyond reach and the original pain, once throbbing beneath the surface is uncovered. Such a rending of pride happened to Barack Obama when his Aunt called from Kenya to say that his father, long absent from his life, died in a car crash.

The scene of unrecoverable loss begins his memoir Dreams From My Father, published in 1995 to good reviews and mild sales. It’s now seen as the Rosetta stone for Obama, the key to decipher the man who will be the next American president. It’s tempting to sift its pages for clues to how he would govern and the memoir offers them. He is driven by a need to redeem, to pay off debt owed by those whose shame has silenced them.

Obama’s father needed redemption. Even though he had a wife and children in Kenya, his father courted Stanley Ann and in a whirlwind of hunger and fascination they married and soon Obama was born. Two years later, he left for Harvard and in the distance between them their whirlwind unraveled. They divorced and when Obama asked for his father, she covered his absence with stories, creating a mythology for her son to love in place of a man

To read the entire article visit

Chesney said...

I just wish all those people who paved the way for this monumental event to occur were with us in physicality to experience it. Though, I know they are here in spirit; they are in our hearts and our minds.

I never thought I would be among the masses changing history. Little old college student me. This is amazing.

I just hope we all have this encourage and enthusiasm for the brother even in the rough stages. He'll need it.

Go Obama!!! said...

Hello there!

I am so happy that I found your blog!!

This entire experience is still merinating with so many millions of people....I wrote a post "After The Tears...America Faces Reality" because I believe that we have to continue to own up to all that is wrong in our country in order to produce lasting change.

Please feel welcome to drop by my blog and share your thoughts whenever you'd like!! (smiles)

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Eileen Flanagan said...

We did indeed! And knowing how you value diverse community, I have to say how for me its not just Obama's victory (which believe me I'm thrilled about!), but also the way he brought people together. When I walked into the Germantown office to volunteer the week before the election I saw a room full of people who represented our city and country working their hearts out side-by-side. Same on election day. There was a sense of wholeness that was part of this campaign which is too often missing from our lives. I agree with Lisa that we have to keep working because there is a lot to change, but it's more than a week past the election, and I'm still feeling hopeful.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Do you know, I felt the same way, proud to be an American for the first time in my (37, in my case) years. Wow. What a great ride.