Friday, December 12, 2008

Food for Thought: Girl Scout Galletas

So I was trolling around the internet, procrastinating, I mean working as usual, when I stumbled upon this website dedicated to Girl Scout Cookies. Seeing as how I am currently on a sugar-free, flour-free diet right now, I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading every descriptive detail about every single cookie.

On the very bottom of the page I saw something that made me smile. The new cookie debuting in 2009 is called the Dulce de Leche cookie and was inspired "by the classic confections of Latin America." Now my guess is that this cookie is going to taste as "Latin American" as Taco Bell, but still I'm kind of touched to see that the Girl Scouts care about diversity and inclusion when it comes to their All-American cookies.

So here's my question. Do you think these little Dulce de Leche galletas are meant to appeal to our Latino brothers and sisters or like Taco Bell, is this just a cookie meant for mainstream America to feel like they're thinking outside the bun at dessert time? Just wondering.

Happy Friday.


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Spring @ Forever Spring said...

I think the dulce de leche galletas are along the lines of dulce de leche ice cream...they taste nothing like the original but are designed to make you feel international

How about adding Mocha Momma to your blogroll?

and maybe Forever Spring (my blog about life in a multiracial family, adoption, and life with a mentally ill child)

And there's always the Field Negro blog (although he can be incendiary for sure).

Rose-Anne Clermont said...

ahem, i can think of a great new blog about people ending up where they never expected to be. . . a slant on blacks in europe in general:

happy roaming. . .

LT said...

Spring and Rose-Anne,

Thanks for the link ideas. I'll add them right away.

And as always, thanks for reading the Meltingpot.

Yvonne said...

I agree with Spring. The dulce de leche cookies will inevitably taste as international as the chalky International Coffees my mom used to buy me as a big girl treat. ;-> And dulce de leche flavor is old news to big name brands like Hagen Daz and Starbucks. But Girl Scouts of the USA has recently announced that due to declining membership and cookie sales (I think Girls Inc. long ago stole the Girl Scouts' thunder), they'll be focusing less on cookies and more on technology and community service. So gather ye Thin Mints and Galletas while ye can. ;->