Friday, February 20, 2009

And Speaking of Asian Men...

I love movies, but I must admit that I don't have cable (waste of money and brain waves). I don't subscribe to Netflix (Tried it, wasn't for me). And because I don't earn enough money to head to the cineplex every weekend, I generally use my local library as my own private video store. Well, not really private, but you understand what I mean, right?

Sometimes the pickings are slim, but most times I can find recent hits, classic oldies or that one film I never got around to seeing but really wanted to, or that one film I was really curious about but would have never paid money to actually see in a theater. Like, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle(2004), starring Kal Penn and John Cho. Because I thought the movie was basically targeted to young boys into dumb stoner movies, it was never on the top of my list of 'must-sees.' But the Meltingpot in me was always intrigued by a movie that has developed a cult-following with two Asian leading men (Oh, and a scandalous cameo by Neal Patrick Harris!). So, of course when I recently stumbled on a copy of the film at the library, I scooped it right up. And you know what, I laughed my ass off throughout the whole thing. I made el esposo watch it with me and he laughed too.

But here's why I liked it even more. Even though the movie clearly falls in the dumb stoner/male-bonding/full of fart jokes comedy genre, screenwriters, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, do a pretty good job incorporating some very real racial/cultural issues by both poking fun and making both subtle and overt issues of racism central to the storyline. I give the whole cast and crew an A+ for making a film with a multiracial cast of characters that spares no one from derision and yet ultimately allows two Asian guys to be the heroes of their own destiny (for one night at least.). Don't get me wrong, this is not a Meltingpot family movie, and I don't even know if I'd allow any kids under 16 to watch it. But two grown adults looking to laugh, on a Wednesday night (That's when I watched it, while folding laundry.), I say go for it!

I'm just curious if anyone else out there has seen this film? What were your thoughts? I'm curious if anyone, particularly Asian anyones, were offended by the film? Why? Please share. And what else can I see John Cho in besides the sequel to this movie?

Enjoy the Weekend!



glamah16 said...

I confess I enjoyed this mindless fun movie. They poked fun at everyone.Sometimes we just need to to lighten up. One of the actors I have ssen in many things since.

jstele said...

Go to the imdb. I know that Cho was recently in a Star Trek movie.

Anonymous said...

Yippy...another movie to add to my Netflix que. I've been avoiding this movie due to the issue(s) you've had in the past. Thanks for the review because I will give it a looksie.

The Round Peg said...

I'm an Asian guy.

I didn't watch this movie, and I don't intend to watch it. I stay away from Hollywood movies that feature Asian men or Asian women paired with White men.

Hollywood movies that feature Asian men are offensive, and they are often painful and embarrassing for me as an Asian to watch.

I do watch and enjoy many Hollywood movies, just not those with Asians in them.

Anonymous said...

The Round Peg, I know what you mean... But THIS movie didn't make me feel bad. It was (mostly) nice and even, and I recommend it to anyone. Well actually, it's an ALRIGHT movie. Just not (as) offensive as some other Hollywood movie.

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle isn't about 2 Asian men, its about 1 Asian man and 1 Indian guy.

But I agree, about the movie. I love it and its very funny.