Monday, February 02, 2009

Will Race Matter in the Multiple Baby-Making Mama Drama?

"Please God, don't let her be Black," is what I read on Facebook and echoed on the subways and street corners. It seems everyone is talking about the 33-year-old woman who recently gave birth to octuplets in southern California. People are talking because not only did she give birth to eight babies at once, she already has six kids at home, no husband, no job and she still lives with her parents. Oh, and she used assisted reproductive technology with all of her pregnancies.

But no, Nadya Suleman is not Black. Even I have to admit I sighed in relief when I realized Ms. Suleman wasn't one of "my kind of people," because Black people just seem to always get slammed worse when it comes to un-wed, baby-mama drama and this is like baby-mama drama times 14! But we're not in the clear.

I have no idea what racial/ and or ethnic heritage Ms. Suleman claims, but it is clear by her surname, and the physical appearance of her parents (who have been seen in press photos) that she is not Caucasian. And as such, I'm guessing that whatever she says about her choices to parent, they will be viewed through the prism of race and ethnicity in a negative way. Does anyone disagree? Will Ms. Suleman be receiving offers for her own reality TV show and free trips to Disneyland, or hate mail from "real Americans" who view her as the reason this country is in crisis right now?

I, for one, will be keeping track of where this story goes and how it is reported. I don't envy Nadya Suleman one bit right now. But I wish her all the luck, time and energy she will need to raise 14 children all alone.



glamah16 said...

I confess, I thought the same thing. Her father went to work as a translator in Iraq I read. Seems to be of Middle East orgin, which makes the case even more odd .her parents seem to be very supportive up until now.

Rose-Anne Clermont said...

I definitely thought, "Aw, please don't let her be black." But I was mostly disturbed by the doctors/technicians who helped her get pregnant through IVF all those times. . . I think that is irresponsible medicine and seriously unethical.

Nadya seems to be suffering from emotional and perhaps psychological issues if she feels the need to keep having babies regardless of whether or not she is able to take care of them. I feel sorry for her, to be honest. I don't think she is in her "right mind".

The doctors had the responsibility of asking Nadya, "Do you have the financial and emotional means to take on more children than the six you already have?" Not only did they not ask, they implanted six embyros?!!! The whole story is outrageous.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I doubt she is getting a show. I think her doctor who transferred eight embryos in a woman under 35 might have some to answers some questions. It's clear this woman is not well.

The backlash against this woman is pretty severe. I doubt she will get a show or any endorsements. I think this is more about her being broke. If she were white and in the same situation folks would still be pissed that their tax dollars will have to take care of her kids.

Why have eight kids when you already have six? Why keep using your neighbors sperm when he asked you to stop? I just feel bad for her kids.

Her father is Palestinian.

MackDiva said...

It's a sad but true fact, but I think everyone thought about the woman's race. What kills me is that she now has 14 children under the age of 10. That can't be good under the best circumstances.

LT said...

Glamah and Rose-Anne, Thank you for letting me know that I wasn't the only one thinking that.

Ragazza, Thanks for the update on where her father is from.

MackDiva, I know it sounds trite, but really, I'm thinking about those poor kids. All 14 of them, because no matter what, life is about to get hectic for all of them.

Nali's Mom said...

While I did wonder what race she was and how old she was - it wasn't because I thought for a moment she was black! It was more to get a mental picture of a situation that seemed too unreal to be true. I think the backlash that she'll receive will have little or nothing to do w/her ethnic make-up and will focus soley on the psychological issues she MUST have to be 33 yo, unwed, w/6 children (now 14!!) all conceived w/medical help. That is incredible! No one, but no one makes that kind of decision in their right mind. I pray for all the children, but I would also fervently hope that she receives no "help" in the way of product endorsements, tv shows, or even a special magazine lay-out - I think that is exactly what she is expecting and hoping for and the public should not play into it. I mean, who else, has 8 babies, and 2 days later has a "publicist" fielding calls? Unreal.

Mimi said...

Her mother is white and her father is Pakistani. They did a story on her in MSNBC. So no, she's not Black, lol.

Bonzo the Barbarian said...

i did wonder about her mind, when i 1st heard about the other 6 kids she has. I dont care if she gets endorments or not, if so, then maybe WE wont have to pay all of their care.
I for one, would like someone from the state to sue the Dr.s for the care of the kids, the Dr.s were medically irrepondible.
She must be mentally unstable to think she could care for these babies.
Bonnie J.

Anonymous said...

She most certainly is a white woman. Her mom is Lithuanian & her da is Iraqi. Both are Caucasian ethnicities.