Friday, March 20, 2009

Meltingpot Updates

1. Big News. I found Papusas! Yes, dear readers, in my own backyard. If you recall, I posted about these delicious Ecuadorian/Peruvian/El Salvadorian corn pancakes not so long ago, describing their deliciousness and then lamenting that I could not find a single purveyor of papusas in my new hometown of Philadelphia. Well, today I found them at none other than Whole Foods! In the take-away foods section, right next to the Mexican coleslaw, lay a giant platter of cheese papusas. And wouldn't you know it, my evil traitorous body, which has been subsisting on a diet of mostly corn since I've become unable to process wheat, has just developed an intolerance to corn! So everybody else in the Philadelphia area, go get YOUR papusas at the Whole Foods on the Fairway. I'll keep nibbling on my millet bread. (big sigh)

2. And speaking of former posts...remember I posted about a TV production company looking for an interracial Brady-Bunch family to be the subject of a new reality TV show? Well, they still haven't found that family, so they're expanding their search to include any interracial family with these minimal guidelines:

"The new idea is to find a large interracial family, preferably with at least one or two kids old enough to articulate their experiences (maybe 10 and up?).
Anyone wanting to be a reality TV star, who fits this description, please send an email to And tell them you heard about this on the Meltingpot.

3. Over at my new online store, ?RU, where we sell t-shirts and accessories for people who don't fit comfortably into single identity boxes, for multiracial and Mixed-Race folks and the people who love them, we're suffering from, 'NOBODY-KNOWS-WE-EXIST-itis." So if you would like to take a look at ?RU and perhaps add a link on to your own blog, we sure would appreciate it. Our advertising strategy is to go at it Barack-style, word of mouth, through the people. Thank you in advance for that.

Now that I think about it, maybe instead of going Barack style, I should just ask Mr. President to wear one of our shirts the next time he's on Leno and that ought to up our exposure, right? Anybody know the address at the White House?

Enjoy your weekend Meltingpot readers!



JBH said...

Hi LT,

You got it - I'm posting your link to my blog...and spreading the word!

Surely we must know someone at the White House who would appreciate a ?RU product for the President?!?! I say, go for it:-)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your shirts. I would love to advertise/post you shirts on my blog. Do you guys have a linkable logo? If so, I will proudly put it on my blog.

Cloudscome said...

Hey thanks for doing the research on finding papusas! I will get myself over to Whole Foods as soon as I am driving again (had surgery 2.5 weeks ago and still home bound). I am sorry to hear you can't eat corn OR wheat. That is almost impossible to manage. Do you like quinoa?

I love the "Mixed to Perfection" tee shirts. The onesie is adorable. Will link to it on my blog. I'd love a graphic to go with it...

Alexandra Zealand said...

How about adding info on the ?RU site to your (not nearly frequent enough :] ) twitters, too?

And I mean 'not nearly frequent enough' because I do enjoy following you there.

LT said...

JBH, Yvonne and CC,

Thank you for helping me spread the word about ?RU. I really do appreciate it. And feel free to pull a photo from the website if you want a graphic. Or I can send you a jpeg of the logo. Let me know.

Alex, I will tweet more. I promise. Thanks for reading.

CC, I hope you recover soon!