Friday, March 06, 2009

My New Hair Hero!...It's a Boy

Even though I know better, I still thought I'd be spared . Even though I wrote a book, dare I say THE book, about hair issues in the African-American community and know from detailed research and countless interviews that men are just as tangled up with hair issues as women, I was still caught by surprise when my seven-year old son announced at the dinner table that he wanted "spiky hair" like one of his friends. One of his silky-haired friends, who, for the record, isn't White, but Latino with straight brown hair.

I asked him to elaborate and he informed me that spiky hair is hair that is normally flat but can look spiky if you get a mohawk. And therin lies the real dream. My son wants a Mohawk, but not a Mohawk like Mr. T., but one where his hair would be straight and spiky. Lately, he's been noticing hairstyles a lot. I'm trying not to get too freaked about what it all means or take him to racial reorientation class, but damn, I wish I could find some cool guy with Mixed hair for my son to get excited about.

And then it happened. My kids conned me into renting High School Musical from the library. I've resisted this long, but they'd been sick, stuck indoors watching the same videos over and over and a good friend of mine assured me there was nothing overtly offensive in the movie.

And that's when I discovered Corbin Bleu. He plays Zac Efron's best friend and side kick (typical) in all of the High School Musical movies. He sings and dances and plays basketball (but so do all of the boys in the movie so it's not like they're playing up stereotypes or anything, right?). So we see that hair, and suddenly it's like, hey, he's cool and his hair kind of looks like mine. Right On! I went on a Corbin Bleu frenzy and was delighted to know that this little 20-year old actor seems to have come out of the womb acting. He has a gazillion acting credits to his name and is about to release his second album. I'm wondering if this kid ever sleeps. Quite frankly, I don't care, as long as he stays in the public spotlight and doesn't cut that beautiful hair.

Now if I could just find the right product to make my son's hair look like Corbin's. Hmmm...

Peace and Hair Grease!


SolShine7 said...

My little sister told me that Corbin Bleu lists his hair products on his website. That was a while ago when she told me but I guess they should still be there. Happy hunting!

Martine said...

Mixed Chicks leave-in? My hair looked about that way when I use that and twirl an bit. Or if you think he'll be a stickler, they have a men's bottle.

Rose-Anne said...

I'm guessing he's got some Miss Jessie's in there. Look at that curl definition! Gorgeous.


LT said...

I'll go back and check the website. Thanks. Problem is, I think I'm becoming more of a fan than my kids. Oops.

Martine, Thanks I'll check it out. And I can always switch the bottle.

Rose-Anne, I'm kind of not feeling Miss Jessie's right now. I'm trying to branch out. I find they leave the hair kind of crunchy, but that's just my opinion.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I must say I completely agree about his hair.

Is it bad to say I'm actually a little disappointed my kids didn't get that cute corkscrew hair?