Friday, April 10, 2009

Bienvenido a Miami!

I'm back, Meltingpot Readers.

El esposo and I just spent a few days in Miami to celebrate 10 years of togetherness. It was so great that esposo wants to move to Miami. Why? Because during the four days that we were there, he never once had to speak English.

Now, el esposo speaks English perfectly well. So well, in fact, he can beat me easily at Scrabble. He loves speaking English, but as he said, being in Miami felt like home. We found a lovely dive in South Beach where we ate arroz con pollo y platanos, lovingly prepared by a Nicaraguan woman who called my husband "papi" when she served his plate.

It wasn't like New York, where all languages are equal. Miami felt like something different. Even I felt it. I felt like the odd ball out with my annoying American accent. I wanted to fit in so I stopped speaking English too. I luxuriated in the balmy weather, the lush vegetation and the riot of tropical colors dotting the landscape. Even the geckos on the hotel walls were colorful. I felt like I could loose myself in Miami.

So I loved Miami too. I loved this place that was Spanish before it was "American." But I don't want to move there. I don't like hurricanes all that much. But Miami has invaded el esposo's thoughts like a sensuous woman. Poor Philly can't compare.

Have you ever felt like that after visiting a specific city? Did you pack up and move there? Was it everything you expected and hoped for? Do tell. Ragazza, are you reading this?



Dee said...

I've only been to three other states besides my own, New Jersey. They were all on the east coast--(not Florida!) I plan to do the Study Abroad Program at my school. I'm still in college. I'm graduating soon, so time is running out! I'm thinking of France or Spain. England, Germany or Italy are not my primary focus. I was especially intrigued of how students can sightsee in nearby countries!

Something in the depths of my soul tells me that I will find completion there. I'm not sure in which form. Romance? Adventure? A lifelong friend? Well, going there is the first step. I will make my dream into a reality very soon! Until then, I'll have to go to Europe in my dreams!

P.S. Besides Kinky Gazpacho, I haven't heard of many travel memoirs by black people. Not the case for whites, though. I'll just have to write one of my own!

Color Online said...

When I first met my guy, I was itching to relocate to his home city, Chicago. I still want to go but when it made more sense for him to relocate, the desire tapered off.

I can empathize with your husband. I'm from Michigan yet this isn't all I want. I love my family, but socially, culturally, I want more. If the opportunity presented itself, if I were reasonably sure we could eat and live somewhere else, yes, I'd move.

Color Online said...


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We'd love to have you and your readers at our place. Hope you'll come by.

Anonymous said...

I can't say any place has really felt like home to me, yet. I felt most at home in Kaoushoing, but I need to be able to communicate with people a bit better! I'm still looking.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I feel comfortable everywhere yet nowhere.

I love Miami. I've only been there once but felt like I go do well there. I just remember seeing school aged children on a field-trip and everyone was speaking Spanish. I would love to have the for my daughter. Im just thrilled that I've finally found a Saturday morning Spanish class for her. I want reinforcements outside the home. and TV, thank god for v-me and lazy town.

Spring said...

When my husband and I first married, we packed up and relocated to...guess where? Miami! When I lived there (in the late 90s), we used to all leave work together as a group so that the person whose car had been stolen that day could get a ride. The summers are muy hot...and the bugs. Well. Yes. But yeah, it was cool to be an insider because I spoke Spanish...and tough for myself who doesn't.

We left Miami for Boston and later, other states. We always decided where we wanted to live first, then got jobs there (sometimes with corporate relo) and then moved. I wouldn't change a thing. We came from an immigrant enclave that was a bit stifling. Had we not moved, we really wouldn't know much about the U.S. or about all the different ways people are living. Learned a lot, saw a lot, traveled a lot. Spent a little time living in Mexico too. Still haven't lived in Spain yet. That's the dream.

Anonymous said...

I moved somewhere I'd visited (and loved) on vacation and the reality of living there vs vacationing there was so jarring, I never adjusted, and although I gave the new location 6 years of my life, it just never worked out and I eventually moved back home. It's so easy to be lulled by the good feelings one gets, just by virtue of being on vacation, but even the best-laid plans fall by the wayside when real life intervenes. I almost fell into the same trap when I vacationed in Hawaii and luckily I met some recent transplants to that island who were kind enough to share some pros and cons with me. Careful planning and serious, serious soul-searching (and exhaustive research) are called for when making such a big decision. Good luck!

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