Monday, April 27, 2009

Have You Heard the One about Swine Flu?

In order to keep myself from freaking out about swine flu and barricading myself and my children inside our house until the threat has been eradicated, I am allowing myself to laugh at the recent spate of off-color jokes about the potential pandemic.

Has anyone else heard the jokes that insinuate that all of the Jews and Muslims are saying 'I told you so,' over this dreaded disease as they've know all along that pork would be mankind's undoing?

Is it wrong to use humor to feel better about impending doom? What do you do to swagger through disaster of epic proportions?



glamah16 said...

I hadnt ,but it puts a smile on this stressful situation.

Anonymous said...

In 1976 there was a swine flu scare. Researchers rushed to come up with a cure so that there wouldn't be massive deaths, an epidemic caused by swine flu. You've never heard of this "epidemic" have you? That's because more people died from the vaccine than from the disease! I also call to mind that when they began scaring us about an impending pandemic, they always pointed to it being an avian flu, not swine. Now, I could be completely wrong. There could be A LOT to worry about. I did go by some supplies to have on juuuuuuuuust in case :)
Fare thee well!

Ola said...

My boyfriend is allergic to pork and because of this he eats a lot of Kosher products and of course the first thing said was "i told you so". lol *smh*.

I say do what you have to do from freaking out. Cause freaking out gets you no where.

I just heard about the 1976 outbreak. And its very interesting becuase it seems like no one knows what to do for this.

LT said...

I agree.

Campbele, thanks for the perspective. It really helps.

Thank you.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

My students are loving talking about the "gripe porcina." A big distraction from real concerns.