Friday, April 17, 2009

More Burning Questions from the Meltingpot

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Just a few things on my mind this Friday.

1. Why in 2009 do African-Americans make up only 2 percent of the number of architects in this country?

2. If you're a White woman who doesn't think too highly of Hispanic people, why would you marry a Colombian man, have his child and then freak out because your child will be considered Hispanic as well? And then, why would you admit to your blatantly racist and disturbing thoughts in a blog post in the New York Times?

3. Even though indie filmmakers have no problem making amazing movies that reflect the diversity of this American meltingpot, why can't the big suits in Hollywood get a clue? (answers can be found here)

4. How many Black women do you know are married to Indian men and blog openly about their lives?

5. Why am I so obsessed with Portugal, Lisbon to be precise? Why does that place seem so magical to me and how can I fanagle a week there this summer with family in tow for a low, low, price? Ideas? (That's Lisbon in the picture above.)

Ponder the answers and post your comments. See ya next week!



Spring said...

I don't know the answer to #5, but if you find out, please share it. Hey, maybe you need a Meltingpot Summer Retreat in Lisboa! ( with reduced rates for loyal readers, of course :)

Anonymous said...

Spring, What a great idea! :o)
Lisboa happens to be one of my favorite spots on this planet!

Ok, I'll admit. I didn't read the entire blog entire that dealt with the woman who married the Colombian. The word, "insipid" comes to mind.
I can't believe how little thought she put into giving birth to her child. You know stuff like that makes us adoptive parents pretty angry. We have to jump through hoops,have sessions with a social worker and in our case talk and read books about raising a child of a different race and birth culture.

But I have to say, does it really matter if your kid looks like you? As an adoptive mother, my kid looks nothing like me nor my husband. We get looks, questions,and more.

Also, I'm sorry you can't have the best of both worlds. What does she even really mean by that? I failed to understand that.

This lady needs to do some serious soul searching. The entire post was just so superficial.

Baiskeli said...

That NYT Blog post made me want to cry. No child deserves such a mother, no husband deserves such a wife.

Anonymous said...

I'm the prior "anonymous". I should have proof read my post! I actually did go back and read about 90% of the mentioned blog post before I finished my response. I apologize if my post seems disjoined. I just had such a knee jerk reaction. I really had to fight the urge to write to childish things.

ieishah said...

#2 oh my god. that woman is a nightmare. poor nina!! #5 i went 2 years ago with an ex. i wasn't so impressed. or maybe it's the ex with whom i wasn't so impressed, and it just rubbed off on my impression of lisbon. the maritime history museum is very cool though. shows you exactly how europe, you know, jacked the world up.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I read that article. Wow. The author doesn't see that everything that is a negative to her is Latina, all the positives are White. If that's the case her WASPYs self shouldn't have married a man from Colombian.

Her kid is going to have some issues.