Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Books to Give, Books to Get.

Hi Meltingpot readers,

I'm going to ask for a couple of favors today. All for a worthy cause of course.

First, I want you all to go visit, Color Online today and see what great work they're doing supporting multicultural authors and young girls at risk in their Detroit community. And then when you're feeling like, "Wow, what can I do to support such an amazing organization?" You can send a book to their Summer Book Drive. You can buy one from their Wish List at Powell's online book store, or send a gently used book directly to their library. All the details are on the site. Try adding them to your list of links.

I know I'm going to send ColorOnline a few books that I have that folks who have won here at the Meltingpot never claimed. If that's you, you only have a few days to send me your address at Check back to see if you were one of the lucky winners recently.

And speaking of winners. I need some help, so I can be a literary winner. Meaning, I have to get the word out about Kinky Gazpacho being available in paperback or I will never sell another book. It's all about numbers people. And since my publisher has set aside zero dollars for the publicity of the paperback, it all falls on me. This is typical for authors who are not superstars, like Stephanie Meyer or Stephen King. So, I am not surprised, but it still is daunting.

So, faithful readers, I'm trying to go about this Obama style. I'm going to the people and asking for help. Not money, just help. If you have a blog, Facebook or Twitter account, would you please post about Kinky Gazpacho? It doesn't have to be a review. In fact, I don't even care if you've read it. You can just mention that it exists.

For example, you could write: "Hey, there's this new book out in paperback called Kinky Gazpacho. I wonder if it's about hairy soup?"

Or "Anybody hear about this new book out in paperback called Kinky Gazpacho? I wonder if it's about weird sex acts in Spain?"

Or my all time favorite: "Have your heard about this book Kinky Gazpacho? I heard it's just like Eat, Pray Love, only the woman is Black not blond and she goes to Spain instead of Italy. And she gets married not divorced. But other than that, very similar story."

Honestly I don't care. The rule of thumb is that if people hear a name seven times, then it finally sticks. So I want to see if I can at the very least make a lot of people aware that Kinky Gazpacho exists. That way when they wander into a bookstore or library and see the book, they'll go, "Oh there's the book I keep hearing about. I simply must read it." See how this works. Eventually, if it really goes viral, it might make it all the way to Chicago and into the ears of one Ms. Oprah Winfrey and then, my dear readers, we will know that we made something happen! That we changed the course of history. We gave a relatively unknown author who had a story to share a chance to speak to millions of people. I think we can do this. Yes We Can!

Thank you so much for your help and let's get this Kinky revolution started!



Color Online said...


You can count on me to talk up your book again at BES and Color Online.

Thank you very much for promoting our drive. The community I serve loves what we're doing, but we have zero funding. I am not too proud. I beg and do it with passion. I need books, resources and support, and I can't get that sitting back hoping folks will find us.

I've learned to ask for help. Thanks in advance to all of you who will support us. Your helps allows us to help others.

Much love and respect to Ms. Bernice. Talk about walking the walk. Bernice has already sent a huge box. For a book lover, one book or a dozen elicits the same joy. It was the effort it took that overwhelmed me. Thank you, again.

Color Online said...


Check out What Do I Read Next?
Kinky Gazpacho by Lori L. Tharps.

LT said...

Thank you and Thank you again!

TereLiz said...

I've been following My American Meltingpot for a while now and just added it to the list on my own blog. I don't have many followers, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

I'll definitely have to look for Kinky Gazpacho this weekend. Best wishes for increased sales!


LT said...


Thank you so much for your support. And believe me every little bit counts. I appreciate it.
Welcome to the Meltingpot.