Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Burning Questions from the Meltingpot

I know it's not Friday, but my head is full of these burning questions. Perhaps you can help.

1. Do you think Disney was trying to be progressive when they decided that the love interest (aka Prince Naveen) of their first Black princess should be White (or as they like to say, racially ambiguous)? Or were they afraid mainstream audiences just couldn't get behind a "happily ever after" that involved two Black people? Should we even by debating the issue or should we just be happy there's finally an animated interracial couple in the mix? No pun intended. Here's one woman's perspective on the issue.

2. And while we're on the subject of The Princes and the Frog movie, is it common knowledge that Oprah Winfrey voices the princess's mother or did the publicist I spoke with actually give me some real news?

3. Why is Sonia Sotomayor described as "mean and nasty," on Fox News, but a White man with a similar persona is considered "acerbic?"

4. Doesn't anybody in the national news media watch enough Law & Order to know that Bonnie Sweeten's tall tales -- she claimed two Black men kidnapped her and her daughter when she had really stolen a lot of money and taken her daughter to Disneyland -- were so implausible that they would look like incompetent fools for running the story as headline news? Do you think her blond hair or the pervasive fear of scary Black men influenced them at all?

5. Is this not the most delicious example of a multiracial, multilingual, meltingpot family? And after viewing this snapshot of life don't you just kind of want to live your own life more fully?

And on that happy note, happy hump day and thanks for listening.


(p.s. don't forget to comment in yesterday's post for the Kinky Gazpacho book drawing.)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I as a mixed person am thoroughly annoyed that so many people have a problem with the prince not being black. Many of us have been told our whole lives that black people should only date and marry other black people and that there is something wrong with the relationships that created all of us mixed children. Whether Disney means to or not, they are putting the thought out there that interracial relationships are perfectly fine.

I'm not saying that it is impossible that Disney was afraid to make the prince black for any of the reasons that people think. I just think that since we will never know their real motivation, it is healthier for all races to stop trying to pick and prod and trying to turn this into a bad thing. I think we should celebrate the good things that could come from this movie.

Attorneymom said...

Hey, Lori. It was indeed a privilege sharing the BP Living Radio panel on yesterday evening. Your blog is so necessary because there is more that connects us (the races) than divides us. There is truly only one race and that is the human race.

Keep on keeping on. Your labor is not in vain.


Shwana aka Attorneymom

Attorneymom said...

Sidebar: I forgot to tell you that I am also starting my entertainment law practice. I have picked up my first major artist. I will keep you posted.

LT said...


Thank you for putting that out there. This really is a tricky subject to debate. But at the end of the day, how can we not celebrate interracial romance via Disney, the most mainstream movie house of them all? It is a good thing. And you're right, we'll never know Disney's true motivations so arguing about it is kind of useless.

One other point. Since the film does take place in New Orleans, the home of creole culture and meltingpot mixing galore, maybe Disney was just keeping it real. Ya think?


It was great sharing the microphone with you too. You are hilarious. I'll be checking out your blog now too.

A Golden Life... said...

Buenos dias todavia Lori!
I'm delighted I continued reading on your site long enough to find your blog. Fabulous! I love your MeltingPot theme and your insightful comments.
I am on blogger as Come and visit me sometimes.
As sfor the question of Disney's intent, I am simply enchanted that Disney has finally embraced a Black heroine! Major step, considering they have drawn and blown the breath of life into every sort of heroine EXCEPT a Black one! Kudos!
I must tell you, now I've got to have the Langston-Hughes-esque character I created render her multiracial commentary on the topic before I finish my third collection of her sketches. (I will speak more on that in an email to you at your MyAmericanMeltingpot@gmail.
Y oye, le estoy acecho usted! LOL