Monday, August 03, 2009

Time & Serenity in Spain

Yesterday was a perfect day.

10:15am Woke up to a day of glorious sunshine.

11:00am Breakfast with my family.

12:00 noon Splashing in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with my sons, husband, and brother (he flew in this weekend).

4:00 Lunch of Fresh chilled Gazpacho (made by el esposo of course), solomillo de cerdo, arroz a la cubana, un huevo duro y for dessert, the most fragrant peach I've ever tasted.

5:00pm Read a chapter of Harry Potter to the kids on the patio

6:00pm Curled up with el esposo to take a blissful afternoon siesta

7-10:00pm I don't know exactly what happened during these hours but I looked at the clock and three hours had passed!

10:15pm Late Night Walk around el barrio with el esposo and the boys turns into running races to see who can run the fastest in this Kinky Gazpacho family. In case you're wondering, I can still beat the 8 year old, but not by much.

11:00pm. Dinner in the kitchen with my sons.

1:15pm Reading in bed. Falling asleep to the sounds of the Spanish countryside.

This must be what heaven feels like. Spain is so good for contemplating self, tasting time and savoring life. I feel truly blessed.

Hasta Luego.



Carleen Brice said...

Spain sounds like Heaven!

Anonymous said...

It sounds amazing. I definately need a vacation like that.

Oli said...

Sounds great!

LT said...

Carleen, Caramel, and Oli,

What can I say? It is all that and a bag of homemade chips fried in 100% pure spanish olive oil.

Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me want to move to Southern Spain - seriously. I feel like the fast pace of life here in these united states is a bit too much for me, and now that I think of growing my family, I'd like to be able to stop and smell the roses without feeling like life is passing me by. If you didn't have your shiny new job at Temple to look forward to, would you consider moving and living in Spain fulltime?

LT said...


Oooohh, such a good question. I've considered it, but of course Southern Spain is so relaxing because I'm mooching off my inlaws, and really have zero responsibilities. That really helps! I know I will always do whatever it takes to keep coming here for the summers though. There really is nothing better to refresh the soul.

jade said...

i love southern spain and can't wait to share it with my little ones. enjoy!

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