Friday, September 11, 2009

Even Though I Wrote the Book on Black Hair...

...doesn't mean I know a thing about keeping my children's hair looking good. Just as I have realized that being Black doesn't make me an expert on identity issues for my Mixed kids, being Black also doesn't help me keep my boys' curls shiny and bright. What a blow to my hairstorian ego to admit that I need help in the care and maintenance of my children's hair. Especially since they both have very different textures. One is more tight and frizzy, the other is looser and coarse. Thankfully, I've found helpful hints here on the internet from fellow bloggers like the awesome Teri LaFlesh over at Notes of A Former Mushroom Haired Child.

And this Sunday from 1-3pm I will be attending the Multicultural Youth Hair Workshop at One Salon & Boutique in Mt. Airy. Yes, it's a whole day dedicated to hair products, style and maintenance of Mixed hair. How cool is that? The cost to attend is $15, but you get a goodie bag stocked with product. Full disclosure, I will also be hawking my ?RU t-shirts at the event because they fit in nicely with the multicultural theme, but make no mistake, I'd be there taking notes no matter what.

If you're in the area, and you're looking for suggestions for your kid's hair, come to the salon. For more info call them at 215-242-0113. Trust me, your kids will thank you for getting help, instead of making them walk through life looking like their mother just didn't get it.



lovelyn said...

Teri's website about biracial hair is great. I use her method and it does wonders for my hair. It's the I can wear my hair out and curly and it looks great. That used to never happen.

Rita L. said...

Wow what a great event! Don't beat yourself up about not knowing much about caring for your children's curls. I'm 23, and I just learned how to manage my curls. I'm not biracial, but I do have curls similar to Rachel True's. I decided, after years of hair mistreatment, to do something about it. I made a vacation of going to NYC to get my hair done at Christo's Fifth Avenue, which is supposed to be one of the "curl expert" salons. I got my hair done by Tameeka (who is biracial), and she showed me what all I needed to do for my type of curls. Also, I did some research, with websites such as as my guide. It's amazing how much I have learned about caring for my curls; I just wished I learned all this sooner!

All that just to say I feel your pain about this topic. I can't wait to hear how the event went!

Rita L. said...

BTW, I just checked out Teri La Flesh's website and got some great tips from there as well! Thanks!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I don't even know how to maintain my own hair now that I cut off my locs. It's all a guessing game for me. There's a product called "Mixed Chics" that might work on your sons' hair.

Do the shampoos/conditioners that you use on your own hair, not work on your kids?

LT said...


Good for you!

You're welcome. And the most important info I got about my boys' hair is we should stop letting the barber use a clippers and only scissor cut their hair. Ahh the things you learn. I also scored some free product!

Alas, no. My hair care products don't do much for my boys.

Frenchie said...

Ive heard that Carols Daughter products are all the rage for mixed/curly haired people