Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Me and My Temple

So some of you know that my latest gig is as a professor of journalism at Temple University. If you didn't know, well, the word is out now. Classes started this week.

As it turns out, I happen to be one of those people who looks for signs or meanings behind the things that happen in my life. I like to see patterns and purpose in just about everything. I am not obsessive about it, but I do believe to a great extent, things happen for a reason.

For example, my arrival at Temple. There are a gazillion colleges and universities in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, but I ended up at this particular "state-related" institution. And I am loving it! Sure, I've always been a sucker for academia. I love college towns. I love the smell of books. And best of all, I love the academic calendar. My life starts in September and breaks in May. But beyond those obvious perks, there is something special about Temple that is getting my creative juices flowing.

Perhaps it is the fact that:

Temple Universitywas named as having the most diverse student population by the 2008 Princeton Review of the 366 Best Colleges.


- Because Temple has campuses in Oviedo, Spain, Japan and Senegal, three places on my "must-visit" list. Can you say sabbatical?


Maybe it's because I feel a certain kinship with Temple founder, Russel Conwell who in his lifetime worked as a journalist, author, minister and eventually a university professor and president. He traveled the world and wrote about it, inspiring others to dream bigger and do more to help their fellow man. Except for the minister part, we're like twin spirits. Kind of, sort of.

Whatever the reason, I am truly excited to be a part of the Temple experience. Wish me luck!


Lovelyn said...

Good luck! You'll have a great time at Temple.

ieishah said...

not to ruin your day or anything, but have you seen today's el paĆ­s article about african prostitutes in barcelona--- with photos?? i have links on the oyster. you, i think, will especially [not] enjoy this. but someone has to share in my misery.

LT said...

Thank you!

ewwwwww....why? but thanks for telling me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Lori! Temple is lucky to have you :) I'd love to be a student of yours. By the way, saw in the CCRA that you'll be speaking in January at the Library's PCI branch. I'll try to attend, maybe with Gael? Want to go out afterwards? Best wishes from Sara Emily!

Eileen said...

Hope all goes well!