Friday, October 23, 2009

"Mixed Race People are the Face of the Future"

Marilyn Minter is a celebrated contemporary artist who only uses mixed race models in her work. In an interview with Artlurker magazine, she explains why:

"I think mixed race people are the most compelling and most beautiful. I wouldn’t call it sentimental as much as prophetic. To me, Alicia [her mixie model]looks like the face of the future.

What do you think of that? Impressed? Feeling fetish vibes? Intrigued? Would it make a difference if Minter were Mixed instead of White? Check out Racialicious writer, LaToya Peterson's take on Minter and others who seem to glorify mixed-race beauty in kind of creepy ways.

Happy Friday.



Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

That does seem a little over the top. But then, I think it would be a good thing if mixed race became the face of the future. My guess is that if there are more of us, it just makes it that much more difficult for racism to survive. Here's hoping anyway!

Dee said...

Black people are beautiful too! Not just mixed race people! I've known some mixed race people who think they're better than blacks. Why? If one parent is White and the other one is Black, then that mixed race person has black in them! Whether they choose to acknowledge it or not is entirely up to them.

I am not mixed race so I don't have any firsthand experience. However, being that my dad is Nigerian, speaks with a thick accent and my Black American mother is dark-skinned, this certainly has not helped me over the years--particularly in grade school where I endured endless taunts that almost made me wish I was mixed race. Almost.

I never had a mixed raced friend or even a boyfriend. The general preference was Light or White. If White wasn't available, then Light-Skinned was the next best thing. I fit in neither category so I was often overlooked and ignored. I was booky and smart which didn't help either. Smart didn't make you cool and cocoa skin didn't make you pretty. That's the way it was/is.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole thing. Race is so freaking tricky and such a hot topic. I'm sure the artist intentions weren't to fantasize biracial folks, but to celebrate. Unfortunately, her words, not the images, make her pictures kinda of creepy. I'm sure the fact that she is from the 'deep south'( her words, not mine ) influenced her more than she'd like to believe. Or maybe this is her way of giving the South the finger by outwardly embracing a biracial muse( who looks alot like the artist, IMO ).

Race is such a hot and volatile topic that anything and everything will eventually cause a debate.

JBH said...

Interesting! And , yes, Minter is creepy at the same time. Not sure how I should feel as a mixed Asian. I've had many people comment on how "beautiful" mixies I'm going to think twice about what that means. Can people just compliment someone on their beauty, without tying it to mixed race?

I appreciate the clip of Carmen VanKerckhove's workshop of the myths of mixed race, and I agree - if everyone is mixed, it will not defeat racism. That's a heart issue, not a skin issue.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Oh please. Being mixed doesn't = beautiful just as not being mixed doesn't = boring or unattractive.

As far as racism going away because mixed people "become the future", President Obama is bi-racial and the racists are still out in full force. No racist is thinking about his white mom. All they see is a black man in the White House and they don't like it.

rohit paliwal said...

i highly doubt that mixed raced are most beautiful or better looking than any particular race.

take for a example of Mexico or Brazil were there are already millions of mixed raced people (pardo people) they don't seems beautiful too me.
there is and always will be penchant for fair or white skin. look around the world Asians south Americans Arabs every one wants to be fair.
black is just not appealing i know i might sound a bit rude but its the harsh truth.

black people also know that but they try to portray that black is beautiful too singers like beyonce rihanna are not fully black but they hide or conceal there white ancestry to show that black can be beautiful.

and i have ssen tons of time were white women dont like black men but since they being rich they are willing to be their girlfriends or wife's