Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mixie Mondays over at WhatRUgear! (And a Giveaway Too)

Okay, so this is a blatant act of shameless self-promotion. Except I'm not really promoting myself, I'm promoting one of my other ventures, my t-shirt and accessories company, ?RU. Over at ?RU, we make t-shirts and accessories for people who don't fit nicely into a single identity box. That's all of you Mixie folks, people in transracially adoptive families, people like myself involved in an interracial relationship and of course any and all of the people who just believe in our mission. Our shirt slogans include, Mixed to Perfection and Ambiguously Brown.

My business partner and I actually recently came in second place in a local business plan competition which has given us the encouragement to carry on with this crazy endeavour. Why "crazy?" It's not because we don't believe in our mission to spark conversations about identity politics with hip, attractive t-shirts, it's "crazy" because we both have full-time jobs, kids and households to run in addition to getting this business off the ground. But we're counting on the power of YOU to help us out.

We are forgoing traditional advertising, concentrating on word of mouth efforts to spread the word about the company. You can become a fan of whatrugear on Facebook, you can follow whatRUgear on Twitter and every Monday, you can check in on the whatRUgear Blog for a Mixie Monday posting. In fact, right now if you become a fan of ours on Facebook, you can vote to help us decide what the next color shirt we debut will be.

Now of course you're saying, well what's in it for me? And I can happily respond that anyone who posts a link about ?RU on their site, Tweets about us and/or becomes a fan on our Facebook page will automatically be entered to win one of our gorgeous shirts. And that's any shirt of your choosing. Send me a comment that lets me know how you've helped spread the word, and that will be your official entry into the drawing for a shirt. Comments must be received by Tuesday October 13 at 8pm. A winner will be announced on Wednesday October 14.

Okay, I'm taking off my shameless plug hat now, and wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday.


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Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of ?RU and I'm always plugging for the 'cause'. Off to check out your facebook page and congrats on the 2nd place in the competition. That has to feel awesome!!