Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanted: A Meltingpot Magazine

Just the other day I was searching through my stacks of magazines, looking for some sample stories to show my students at Temple, when I came across my three issues of Suede magazine.

Does anyone remember Suede? If you never saw it, you can check out The Fashion Bomb's post about how great it was. Suede was supposed to be the little sister publication of Essence magazine but it was so much better than that. It was this gorgeous, lush, completely original magazine for women of color. It was fresh and unique and had a truly global and sophisticated but not pretentious voice. I actually served as the books editor, but my stint was short-lived because the magazine was shut down after only four issues, due to budget problems.

I was sooo sad when that happened and still haven't found a magazine where page after page I was enraptured. For a second, however, when I heard that Tyra Banks was debuting her own new 'magaline' (that's an online magazine, people) I thought maybe somebody had heard my prayers.

Not so much. Tyra's new magaline, which I think is called Tyra: Inside & Out seems to be a publication about, well, Tyra. Really, it's mostly about her and how she's going to help you, the reader, get beautiful, inside and out. But maybe I'm missing something.

What do you think of the new Trya magaline? Better yet, what do your read off the newsstand or on-line for your media fix of beauty, entertainment, fashion, pop culture and news with a meltingpot twist? Besides, the Meltingpot, of course:)

I'm listening.



Dee said...

I'm not a Tyra hater, but...can't she do something that doesn't reek of self-promotion? I mean really. First there's America's Next Top Model which doesn't ring true to me. Why? Well have any of the winners actually gone on to become big-time models or even mentioned in the same breath as Kate Moss or Beverly Johnson?

Then there's her talk show. I don't care too much about it and will only watch it if it's informative (not seeing Tyra pose as a homeless woman or see if her breasts are real) which is rare. Having people like Dennis Rodman and Karrine Steffans on the show does not interest me at all. Pass.

And now this. I haven't read her "magaline" yet and I'm not sure if I want to. I don't think she's telling me anything I don't already know. Many of the issues she discusses have been pounded in my head from Day One. That's my two cents.

Ashley-Nicole said...

Hi Lori,
I currently read Oprah's O'Magazine, sometimes I pick up Essence or Glamour. I miss Vibe Vixen, I have most of the issues. It was great to see women of color throughout the magazine, espically in the beauty section. Most mainstream magazines, when they have a feature on beauty products for all skin tones, tend to use Beyonce or Halle Berry as the darkest skin tone to show. I am Gabrielle Union's complexion, so I wouldn't be able to use whatever tips they have.

Chai said...

I have to admit, took one look at the cover spread and knew it would not appeal to me. It felt...TOO much of Tyra was being force fed to me...yet again. Time has groomed me not to fall for it.

These days I stay loyal to Clutch Mag online (secretly hoping they'll one day be in print;0)! If there's an article in Essence that catches my eye I'll browse through, and maybe purchase if I've got a long commute or a doctor's appointment.
When Honey first closed, it left a HUGE void for me as a YBW, but when Suede folded I was crushed. Still have my back issues, and they are my treasures. NO ONE comes near my babies;-)! Those issues remind me of the possibility of being completely awestruck by what beautiful women can create. I really did see a piece of me in those spreads...just a sea of beautiful colors and imagery...

Mixed and Happy: said...

Maybe someone should start one. :-)

LT said...

Thank you for your 2 cents:)

I miss Vibe Vixen too.

I'm fast becoming a Clutch fan too!