Friday, January 15, 2010

Food for Thought -- And a Giveaway Too!

Last night I made tandori chicken and collard greens for dinner. Does that sound strange? Well, it made sense to me for a hot second and it didn't turn out half bad. To complement the chicken and greens, I sent el esposo to the Indian take-out restaurant around the corner for samosas and chana masala (chick peas). That's the way I keep our meals exciting around here in our Kinky Gazpacho household.

To be honest, the tandori chicken was tasty and perfectly cooked, but it tasted like regular old baked chicken. It was about as tandori as my left toe. (sigh). But I'm still proud of myself. I bought an enormous Indian cook book (another Borders going-out-of business sale item) and decided one of my New Year's resolutions should be to learn how to cook Indian food...without the aid of Trader Joe's simmer sauces.

I love Indian food and now that I've started living a wheat-free lifestyle, I find Indian food quite satisfying, as they use a lot of chickpea, rice and tapioca flours. So instead of giving my life savings to the owners of the Indian restaurant in my neighborhood, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Now, I'm not going to go all Julie and Julia and swear to make an Indian recipe every day of the year, but I am going to make a real effort to plow through this recipe book and master the art of Indian cooking. Wish me luck. I mean we all need a challenge right. If anyone has any suggestions or recipe ideas, feel free to send them my way. I'll keep you posted on my progress. My biggest challenge is going to be sticking to the exact recipe (I have a problem following directions.) and not getting intimated by the long ingredient list for almost every recipe.

Now, speaking of New Year's Resolutions. I'm curious if you all have made your list. Somehow, the older I get, the less inclined I am to make that "list." But I do always look forward to the new year as an opportunity to re-evaluate my life. See what I'm doing right and give myself the chance to "do-over" what I"m not too happy about. I firmly believe January 1st presents a perfect opportunity to start fresh in whatever we want to change. That's why I'm so excited about my friend Eileen Flanagan's new book, The Wisdom to Know the Difference. The book's subtitle is "When to Make a Change--and When to Let Go," and it is the perfect primer for looking at your life and deciding what needs adjustment.

In the book, Eileen talks to dozens of people who have made extraordinary decisions in their lives when faced with serious challenges, ranging from the death of a loved one to surviving hurricane Katrina. In a way it's a spiritual, how-to book, but without the preachy how-to dogma (For the record, Eileen is a Quaker). The book has been so well received, even the Dalai Lama is a fan! He actually wrote a blurb for the book. His words, "The Wisdom to Know the Difference is about being able to change. What is important is that we can make a change and transform ourselves into better, happier people."

And now one of you lucky readers can have an autographed copy of Eileen's book and start making your own life, better and happier. You have until Sunday night, January 16th to post a comment and be entered in the drawing. You must tell me one of your own "resolutions" or tell us why you don't write resolutions. I'm happy either way.

Happy weekend.



Anonymous said...

My resolution is to choose to be happy and positive each and everyday. I am a half empty kind of gal. I resolve to be responsible for my own happiness no matter what's the current situation. I resolve to be optimistic. I resolve to challenge each rule/restriction that I place on myself.

Jen Wooten said...

I resolve to spend less time using the internet to procrastinate writing my dissertation (which includes muchas referencias to KINKY GAZPACHO!).


P.S. I'm obviously not doing so great keeping my resolution.

Christina said...

I don't make formal resolutions, but I try to focus on making some sort of healthier lifestyle change. Right now, that's buying more whole foods and produce and less processed junk. So far, so good. Epicurious is helping out tremendously with that.

Anna said...

I've never really made a resolution before, but this year I've decided to start my own blog...something that I've talked about doing for at least a year. I actually got really inspired to do this while reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchin Rubin. I'd love to read Eileen's book too as I'm sure that will provide additional inspiration!

Alikat said...

I do not make New Year's resolutions, because I like to be flexible and adjust my goals and needs to the present situation, whatever it may be! Eileen's book sounds wonderful, because nearly four years into the journey of widowhood, I feel ready to make some major decisions about my new life. I think this book could be very helpful to me.

Dee said...

I'm not really for resolutions--it's a daunting task to stay the course, but...I promised myself that this year will be different. I plan to become fluent or at least proficient in French and Spanish. The Spanish of Spain or course! I know Spain has several dialects so for help I will turn to the Rosetta Stone software. It's constantly on infomercials about how quickly you can learn a new language. Well, what do I have to lose? I bet that if NASA can use it, so can I. Four years of high school French got me nowhere and I plan to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Latin world. Yes, you heard me. The Latin world. As in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Belize...and Spain's next door neighbor Portugal of course! Who knows what I'll find? My very own Kinky Gazpacho adventure awaits!

Nicole said...

Rather than "resolutions," I've set goals for the year.

Probably the biggest one I've set for myself for 2010 is to not take things too personally. Too often people say things that I take to heart and let them bother me for a long time. So this year I want to try and let go of those things. After all, the people who say them probably don't think about it later, so why should I?

It's a way of inviting the positive into my life and trying to get rid of the negative.

JBH said...

Wanted to sound in - but don't enter me in the contest...I already own the book, and I'm loving it!

I love New Year's and the time to reflect on new beginnings. Eileen's words helped me to think about my True Self!

My overarcing resolution is: to be true to myself and let my Inner Light shine through to everyone.

Eileen Flanagan said...

Great to hear everyone's goals. I usually set a goal for each major area of my life: spiritual, physical, professional, marital, parental. They're not so much resolutions (which can discourage us when we don't keep them) as goal to help me refocus during the year on what I feel is really important.

Thanks for the book plug, Lori! I hope your readers enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually make resolutions, but think I should this year. If I "resolve," will that help me to stay the course?
I tend to be too flexible on a moment to moment basis for my own good~maybe because my work life is so inflexible, i go to the other extreme at home. Can you spell procrastination?
SO my resolution is to be more structured in my personal life. That's gonna take some REAL work,but i think necessary work before children arrive (prayerfully).
SO, i think a resolution, this year at least, is in order!

Christine said...

My resolution is no resolution, except to accept myself on January 1st exactly as I was. Getting older must give one the wisdom to not make a resolution. Love the book, I will check it out. I found your blog from comments on Three Continent Family blog. Very nice!

LT said...

Thank you everyone for posting. My goodness, I think I have the best blog readers ever! You all sound very down to earth and enlightened. I love it. Thank you all for continuing to read The Meltingpot.

New Rap said...

i dont have a resolution