Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life Imitating Art--Sandra Bullock Adopts a Black Son

Okay, so today I was going to write about tacos. Seriously, I was. But when I turned on my computer and saw the new cover of People magazine with a photo of Sandra Bullock and her adorable chocolate-brown, baby boy, my draw dropped. Not because Sandra Bullock adopted a Black child, but because nobody knew about it. I mean how do you keep that a secret in Hollywood...for three months?

Needless to say, People magazine is keeping all of the juicy details to themselves, forcing you to buy the magazine when it hits newsstands on Friday, but they are providing the basic facts. Which are, that Bullock and her allegedly cheating spouse, Jesse James, adopted baby Louis in January in the midst of award season, where you will recall Sandra Bullock was racking up golden statues left and right for her role in The Blindside. Thinking that it wasn't a good time to announce the arrival of their new son during all of that hoopla, they decided to keep the baby's existence a secret. Which brings me back to my original point, how do two super famous White people keep their Black baby a secret? I'm just thinking that had to be really hard. I mean did she ever just take the baby out for a walk? And if so, how did she hide him from the paparazzi? Seriously I'm scratching my head on that one.

But I'm also thinking about the art imitating life aspect of this story too. I mean you have to wonder if the story of Leigh-Anne Tuohy, the woman Bullock portrayed in the movie, inspired Sandra in any way to adopt a Black child. reports that she and James began the adoption process four years ago, so maybe this was in the works before Bullock ever heard of Tuohy, but I still have to assume that playing a White woman who gives her heart and opens her home to a Black son made a deep impression. How could it not?

Not that I suspect Sandra Bullock is a secret fan of The Meltingpot, but I do wish her luck on this journey of being a single mother to a child of color. She is going to need it amidst the grief of the dissolution of her marriage. And while I also suspect Sandra Bullock would never come to me for parenting suggestions, I will offer my unsolicited advice and tell her to keep that baby away from her ex. He cheats with women who proudly wear Nazi paraphernalia which makes me think he can't be too racially sensitive. (eww.)

So, there you have it. I promise to get back to my tacos story at a later date.




Emerson Zora said...

I was thinking the same thing when I heard the story on the radio this morning. I wonder what inspired her to become the mother of a black child. Interesting... I think I will finally watch The Blindside.

I was also thinking about the term "adoptive parents" this morning. When you adopt a child, does one become a "parent" or an "adoptive parent"? If we make the distinction are we placing more value on one than the other?

For some reason, I have a strong reaction to the term "adoptive parent(s)."

Your thoughts?

Shuggie said...

I was very surprised to hear the news also, but I'm happy for her. I guess there were some clues all along: Her $1M donation to Haiti after the quake, plus the storyline of the movie.

I'm also very curious how her husband really felt about adopting (what looks to me like) a full-black baby (meaning, not mixed), as (even before seeing his Nazi-ish photo) I didn't feel he was likely the most racially sensitive out there. Maybe the affair was his way of getting out of the relationship when he saw the direction the adoption was taking?

I don't know about these things, but I'm kind of surprised it took 4years (I've always heard White babies take a long time, so I figured Black ones would be much quicker), but I am extremely glad, though, that she adopted an American child instead of going the Madonna and Angelina route. I know of your upcoming adoption, but I view that somewhat differently, given that you're Black. Yes, I'm also Black, if you're wondering.

LT said...

I now feel like I have to watch The Blindside too. And yes the term adoptive parent feels as awkward and inappropriate as adopted child.

I thought the same thing about Jesse James re: feeling squeamish about his Black son so this is how he gets out of the marriage. It wouldn't surprise me. But I'm sure we'll never know, cuz he most certainly isn't going to talk about it.

Beauty Is Diverse said...

I wish her the best.

LT said...

I am sure Sandra B. appreciates all the love and well wishes she is receiving. I hope she feels all of the good will coming her way.

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

Normally i think "publicity stunt" when I see a white celeb adopting a black baby.

But I have respect for her cause she adopted within the country. I don't have anything against the kids from other countries or anything, but it just rubs me the wrong way how someone goes out of their way to adopt a black child outside of america knowing full well the many within america who need homes.

in fact, that is probably why she could keep it a secret. its easier to adopt within america than outside of it so it went more under the radar.