Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This is It! Substitute Me...The Cover

Okay Meltingpot Readers,

I warned you that the cover of my new novel, Substitute Me, looked like a scene from an Easy Rawlins mystery. Was I not right?

I admit that I think the cover is attractive. I like the colors but I'm not sure if my intended audience --women-- would see this on the bookstore shelf and want to pick it up.

On the flips side -- literally and figuratively -- however, to appease that concern of mine, my publisher played with the back cover because the book is coming out in paperback. The back cover shows a Black woman pushing a bugaboo stroller. She's obviously supposed to be the nanny. Now, in the book, Zora, the nanny, has dredlocks. In the picture on the back cover her hair is curly. But I still think she's cute and she's rockin' nice boots. But does any of this really matter?

So tell me please, what do you think of the cover? Would it catch your eye? And be honest because it wasn't my design idea. And it's not like I can change it, but at least I'll know what I'm up against as I start my publicity campaign.

Okay, let me hear it.



Lovelyn said...

The picture on the cover is quite nice. I like the colors and the general feel of it. That being said I'm not sure it's something that will attract female readers. It does seem like it's a detective novel or some kind of crime story. It doesn't give me a feel for what the books about. It is intriguing though and I would pick it up in a book store if I saw it. I tend to read all kinds of books though and am drawn in by mysterious looking book covers.

SweetKinks said...

YAY! looks really good!

jeanette nicole* said...

I think the cover is nice looking, but as you said it probably won't jump out to the female demographic. That being said, I'd totally pick it up though. Book covers w/ city scenes usually grab my attention for some reason.

Random & unrelated: my captcha verification word is substitute, haha!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

The cover definitely catches my eye. It's a very strong image.

If I was browsing in a bookstore I would pick it up. Once I read what it was about I would buy it.

If the book had some kind of super cutesy "chick lit" type cover I would walk right on by.

toni said...

I do love the cover, but I still feel like it doesn't quite convey the content of the book. I only have an advanced copy, so I'll have to wait to see the new back cover. But as a bookseller and a fan of your writing, I'll just have to make sure that my customers pick it up!

Carleen Brice said...

It's an attractive cover and speaks about the "city" experience in the book, but I would have liked something more Jennifer Weiner-ish. That being said, we are still going to sell the hell out of this book. Trust!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

The cover picture does look nice, but I don't see the connection to the title (and maybe the plot).

Your other two books feature women with natural hair on them, and it would have been neat to keep the tradition going.

That being said, I would pick this book up - not for the cover - because I'm already familiar with your work.

LT said...

I hope there are many more "mysterious" loving book buyers like you out there:) Thanks for the comments.

I love you :)

See Lovelyn's comment above, only I hope it's other city scene lovers!

Okay. Good to know. Some of us don't like chick lit covers. score one for intriguing and mysterious.

Bless you!

I hear you. Jennifer (lives in my city) Weiner was my muse on this one in many ways. Not content, but audience. And if we're honest her humongous audience as well. I'm not ashamed to say it :)

If it makes you happy, I think the woman on the back has natural hair. And you're right, no connection whatsoever to the plot...except that it takes place in bklyn. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

I really like your cover. That cover would catch my eye. It looks romantic and I would want to visit that place.


Emerson Zora said...

The cover is nice; however, murder mystery does come to mind. I think this is because of the time of day/night of the picture. With that said, I second Carleen's comment, and I will do my part in DC to get the word out about your book!!


Shuggie said...

It's a beautiful cover and it would attract my eye and entice me to pick it up, but I agree with Lovelyn and Emerson Zora in that it gives the impression that the story is a mystery of some type (I think because of the night scene) and the title together with the picture both have lend to that vibe.

But I always read the jacket descriptions if I pick up the book - so the story would hook me.

Anonymous said...

The cover looks slick and definitely Big City. Bright Lights, Big City came to mind. The back cover sounds as though it might be closer to the heart of the book. That said, I definitely will pick up the book. And just so you know, I got to your blog, which I really like, through shewrites.