Monday, July 12, 2010

Good News

Hi Meltingpot Friends.

I have good news.

1. Spain won the World Cup! (As if you didn't know). El esposo is muy happy. Did you know this is the first time Spain has ever won the title?

2. My new novel, Substitute Me was featured very nicely in the August issue of Essence magazine. The reviewer called it a "modern-day horror story...that will haunt you for days." Did I mention it is already available for pre-order at And those of you new here, the book does not feature any vampires.

3. Both of my kids are at camp for the next two weeks. Woot! Woot! (day camp. don't get too excited.)

Hope all of you have good news to start your week off right. Feel like sharing? I'm listening.



Ch3rRy BuBbleGum said...

Hello Lori,

My good news for today is that I've entered the "blog your way around the world" contest. Below is the link:

Thanks so much for the support, lets cross our fingers.


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Congrats on the Essence review and the WC!

I'm going over to the Essence website right now.

LT said...

Congrats. Let us know what happens. And we'll vote for you.

Thanks and gracias!

Precious Williams said...

Congratulations on the Essence review. I look forward to reading the book and it's cool that there are no vampires :) lol

Iván said...

Hi, Lori. My name is Iván, I'm a Spanish guy, Spanish teacher, and I just got to know your existence in the world today, by randomly searching stuff in the net. Sorry for my poor English, by the way.
So nice that we won the World Cup, hehe. I guess by Manuel you know how badly the Spaniards wanted to win that trophy.
It is sad to me to tell you that signs of racism in spanish soccer are still there. Oh, I feel embarrased of my people. You know the majority of Spaniards are not like that, but i can't help to feel ashamed. There is a great Brazilian player in Real Madrid called Marcelo. The other day in the derby match Atlético-Real Madrid, Atlético supporters sang "eres un mono" (you know what it means) to him. So sad! :(
I think is more stupidity and moronism than anything,to release frustration, because they don't sing against the black players of their own team, but to the rival's one.
I'm glad to know you and your family are doing well there. I hope you the best and I will keep reading you.
¡Un abrazo para Manuel! ;) Campeones!!