Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Spain vs Germany: Who Has the More Diverse Futbol Team?

Hi Meltingpot readers,

Did you know that of all the countries playing in the World Cup, Germany has the most diverse team? Not what you expected, right? I know I was surprised when I heard this factoid revealed on NPR this morning. But apparently, almost half of the German World Cup team comes from an "ethnic" background other than German. I know Twitter was all aflutter with talk of "that Black German" on the field. Like Germans can't be mixed or culturally diverse. Hello! Boris Kudjo.

But seriously, according to this radio interview, the diversity of the German team has real life ramifications back home in Deutchland. Supposedly, by seeing this diverse team at work -- and winning helps -- the German people can embrace their ethnic brethren instead of wishing them away, or worse, denying them the right to call themselves German. Viva la patria!!!!

Of course soccer isn't the racial panacea for all of society's ills, but it can't hurt right? Here's an article about the racial make-up of the German World cup team.

For more information about life for non-Germans living in Germany, especial people of color, check out my friend Rose-Anne's awesome blog, Currents Between Shores. Rose-Anne is Haitian-American and lives in Berlin with her German hubby and three boys. And what about any of you? How do you find Germany in terms of diversity? Either as a tourist or a place to live. I'm curious. And as always, I'm listening.



AnaCeleste said...

I haven't had the chance to visit Germany, but would like to some day. I think it's interesting the comment you mentioned that people made about the Black German. I know when I first went to Europe, it amazed me to see other Black people. I'll never forget the conversation I had with two British born Black women. It seemed they were excited about meeting a Black American woman. It dawned on me then that people of African descent touch so many parts of the globe.

ieishah said...

What I love about Germany is the Boateng brother. He's half German, halg Ghanaian. He's got a half bro, same Ghanaian dad, different German mom. The bro, Prince Boateng, plays for Ghana. Cool, huh? I've got the link to the article on my tumblr. Also, did you see this racist german world cup ad??

LT said...

lol, when i saw asian people in Spain I was like wow, there are Asian people here too. I guess it's all pretty amazing that the world is open to everyone. But you have to see it to believe it.

i love that story about the two Ghanaian brothers. and dang, that ad made me loose my warm fuzzy for germany all over again. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand what 'diversity' means, and neither do most racially obsessed people who identify with the "anti racist" label.

Diversity is not a word you can just throw around, it has to actually have a demographic meaning; and in terms of German's demographics the soccer team is nowhere near diverse as it doesn't represent the country's demographics.

Meanwhile, while Germany is rejecting its own heritage, countries like South Africa insist that the rugby team represent the country while the soccer team is all black already.

I hope you are ready for massive change in how white people consider concepts like 'white privilege' to be a complete joke as a majority, because it will happen.

White people will be the first in history to fight their own governments for racial rights.