Friday, July 16, 2010

World Cup Withdrawal

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I don't know about you, but I miss watching the World Cup and I don't even like soccer, er, I mean, fútbol all that much. But it was the excitement and the intense drama and those Univision announcers. For a month there was always something to look forward to on the international stage. I learned new things about different countries and cultures. (I now know, for example, that the vuvuzela is the most annoying instrument on the face of the earth) And I loved how the World Cup got ordinary Americans dialoging about countries like Ghana and Uruguay. No it wasn't perfect, but it was something. And in my opinion, a way better something than cheering on the Phillies or talking about the Tea Party.

I think my sons miss it too. And for now they are doing their best to keep the World Cup memories alive. Every day at camp they play soccer, breaking up into teams by country. The little tells me he doesn't always play for Spain because, "mommy, I like other countries too." Even better, the little one has incorporated the World Cup rivalries into all of his play. Yesterday his Hot Wheels cars represented France and Spain as they raced around his track. By the way, France won.

El esposo and I are talking about a family trip to Brazil in 2014. That's how excited we are. What about you, Meltingpot readers? Are going through World Cup withdrawal? How are you coping? Let's hear it.


p.s. (The photo is what I served for snacks as we watched Spain beat Holland in the final World Cup game. Sure beats the chips and dip I served for the Super Bowl.)


SweetKinks said...

Well, we are together then because I do miss the World Cup. I think the best experience for me was watching the world cup on Univision, with a loving group of different races, [but there were no Caucasians].

Dee said...

I miss the World Cup for 10 reasons:

1. Watching the oh-so-arrogant Dutch team eat their humble pie

2. Not having to hear about the so-called betrayal of King James aka LeBron of his Cleveland fans on every single news channel

3. Seeing a World Cup that was fight and head-butt free

4. See the bad refs get kicked out

5. Hear about Paul the Octopus's correct predictions of eight total wins in the World Cup

6. Wish I was eating the tapas you served up at your party, i.e. olives, serrano ham, manchego cheese

7. Hear about Spanish fans doing other things besides making monkey noises at Black players

8. Try to see if there were any Basque players on the Spanish team

9. Read about Nigeria's president banning international games for two years because of their early exit from the World Cup

10. Watching how World Cup commercials suck in comparison to Summer Olympics commercials

Good luck Brazil!
2014 World Cup
2016 Summer Olympics

LT said...

Univision definitely knows how to call a soccer game.

All the right reasons!

Iván said...

Hi, Lori. My name is Iván, I'm a Spanish guy, Spanish teacher, and I just got to know your existence in the world today, by randomly searching stuff in the net. Sorry for my poor English, by the way.
So nice that we won the World Cup, hehe. I guess by Manuel you know how badly the Spaniards wanted to win that trophy.
It is sad to me to tell you that signs of racism in spanish soccer are still there. Oh, I feel embarrased of my people. You know the majority of Spaniards are not like that, but i can't help to feel ashamed. There is a great Brazilian player in Real Madrid called Marcelo. The other day in the derby match Atlético-Real Madrid, Atlético supporters sang "eres un mono" (you know what it means) to him. So sad! :(
I think is more stupidity and moronism than anything,to release frustration, because they don't sing against the black players of their own team, but to the rival's one.
I'm glad to know you and your family are doing well there. I hope you the best and I will keep reading you.
¡Un abrazo para Manuel! ;)