Friday, July 23, 2010

The World's Tallest Couple is Also Multi-Racial---How Crazy is That?

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

It's a busy, busy, busy day, and it's the last day of camp for my boys. That means, things are going to get even busier soon. So that's why I'm not giving you any of my witty observations today, but rather posting a link to this story that caught my eye on the world's tallest couple.

I'm a sucker for background stories on Guinness Book of World Record holders, plus this couple was mixed, so of course I took the time to read the article in its entirety. This was my favorite line:

"If [their height] is not enough to get your attention, Wilco, who was born in the Netherlands, is blond and pale, while Keisha, who is of African heritage, is dark."

I'm going to open it up to you, my insightful readers. What is wrong with that sentence? Both in sentiment and fact.

I'm listening. Let 'er rip.



Tere Kirkland said...

Maybe Keisha is goth? Or an evil Harry Potter witch?

That is pretty crazy that these two people found each other and found love. Crazy in a sweet way. I hope they're very happy together.

Anonymous said...

It's the "dark" part that threw me for a loop. In my opinion,emphasis on "opinion",society will always see things black and white. They don't see them as a tall happy couple,they see them as a tall pale and "dark" couple. It's pretty sad but it is what it is.

LT said...

I loved it that they met online on a dating site for tall people.

Yeah it was the 'dark' part that threw me too.(sigh)

crush'ed said...

Awe they're so cute/cool! Thanks for blogging about them.

Anonymous said...

Dutch people are the tallest in the world, it isn't really that surprising at all.