Friday, September 10, 2010

Link Love and a Giveaway Too!

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I'm tired. I have too much to do. Seriously. So, rather than post a 'tired' entry here today, I'm going to suggest you take yourselves over to a great working-mommy website/blog called MamaLaw where I wrote a guest post entitled "What I Would Do with a Substitute Me." It's more or less a job description for my clone. I wish she were here now.

If you do manage to read it, you can leave a comment about what you would want your very own 'substitute me' to do and be entered for a free copy of the book.

Happy weekend. I'll be in New York City this Saturday for my first Substitute Me reading at Brownstone Books at 6pm. Anybody in the area, please stop by.



Dee said...

I want my "substitute me" to attend classes for me. The fall schedule at my college is structured that you don't get any day off during the week. I am constantly having to change my schedule around to get a breather during the week. I want to finish so bad and get out of there it's not even funny.

LT said...

I know it's hard. But keep it mind, that it will be over so soon and you'll be out in the real world wishing you could do college all over again...or not. But it will be over sooner than you know.