Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Monday: Brought to You By Sesame Street

Today's musical selection comes from our friends at Sesame Street. I've now seen this clip about a puppet who loves her Black hair only about a million times on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and sent to me in my inbox. And one million times is not enough. I love it and am so thrilled that the folks at Children's Television Workshop decided to tackle this very serious self-love identity issue on their show.

So without further ado, enjoy my new favorite song, "I Love My Hair."

What do you think about the video/song? Of course when we talk Black hair, there always has to be a dissenting opinion. Here's one such opinion by a guy who thinks some of the hairstyles our little muppet friend wears aren't really natural. (sigh)

What do you think dear readers?

I'm listening... while I love my hair.



Lisa MB said...

I watched it a couple of times myself, and I think it's awesome too. Kind of a good thing for little boys to see too. Unfortunately, I'm kind of a pessimist on this one.

If I were a three or four-year-old, I think the song would've had more positive influence on me. By kindergarten or first grade, I think it's too late. Plus, I think I would've seen the video and been jealously bewildered by the varying lengths of the muppet's hair.

Ronnie said...

I loved this. My mother saw it on the news and I came to your blog asap to see if you had mentioned it- and you did! I think the message is awesome especially for young black girls who might be growing up in white neighborhoods or attending all white schools. I think the message is also good for little white girls, the earlier we can open up peoples eyes the better. I've been asked by white girls growing up " how do you get your hair to do that?" or "why can't you wet it?" etc.. I'm all for the topic of black hair being discussed wherever possible. The less mystery things have the more they are accepted. I don't have a daughter yet but I already pray for her self confidence in this day and age.

LT said...

Lisa MB,
LOL! Point well taken.

I think you're right on point and I hope it has that desired effect.

AnaCeleste said...

I think the clip is excelente! i did go and read the comments from the white guy on the other web page you linked. I'm a bit divided on his comments. I believe he just misunderstood the versatility that black hair has. We aren't just limited to wearing our hairs in fros only, even when it's natural, and just because the hair is worn natural doesn't mean we stop going to salons. I can understand how it may bother others when black women opt to add extensions to their hair, but that is their choice. As a person not skilled in adding braided extensions, I would seek out a stylist in a minute.

I applaud Sesame Street for showing the clip and demonstrating the versatility that Black hair has, whether locked, cornrowed, afroed, loosely curled, or with added extensions.