Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Monday: Concha Buika and The New Afro-Spanish Collective

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

Remember when I wrote about discovering the Afro-Spanish singer, Concha Buika? Well, I have been following her career ever since and was delighted to find out that she's moving to the United States, Miami specifically. The recently ran an interview with her about her music and her reasons for abandoning Spain for Miami. It's a good read. But even better, Buika is now on a US tour. She'll be in Philly tomorrow! To see if she's coming to your town while on her US and Canada tour, you can check her website.

And in the meantime, enjoy the music. The song is called the New Afro Spanish Generation. Watch and you'll see/hear why I love it. Kinky Gazpacho all the way!



Aritul said...

Hello Lori,

Two things.

I bought your book Kinky Gazpacho the other day and finished it within a couple of hours. I really enjoyed it.

Second thing, I remember your saying how you were semi obsessed with Spain. Lately, I've been interested in black television presenters in Spain and I wondered whether you knew anything about Francine Galvez. I can barely find information about her.

Aritul said...
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Aritul said...

And by your book, I mean Kinky Gazpacho. I'm kind of in love with Spain as well. At least for right now.

Quiskaeya said...

I've been reading your blog for a while but rarely (if ever) respond. I love reading your posts on Afro-Spanish culture and people. It sad that the Afro-Spanish contributions and impact in Latin America receive little media attention both in North America and Latin America. Although, I have started to see more publicity about it lately, albeit still very little. I was thrilled to see Ecuador, Honduras and a number of other Latin countries choose Afro-Spanish Misses.

Remi said...

Hi Lori, I think Concha Buika sounds amazing and I can see why you like her. She reminds me of Sade the jazz singer.
I too have an obsession with Spain and find it comforting that there is some form of(if not really tiny) media attention for black people

LT said...

Thanks for reading...the book and the blog! I have not heard about Francine, but I will now look her up. Thanks.
Thanks for reading! And I agree, every little step forward is worth cheering.


I agree!

ieishah said...

I saw La Concha perform last year here in Barcelona with a Cuban band. Her new album "El Ultimo Trago" is a tribute to Mexican legend Chavela Vargas, who famously, when she first met Concha, would not allow her to perform on the same stage!! How much of this was about race (should this comment be in your Afro Mexican post??) I have no idea, but in the end, they've become great friends and admirers of each other's work.

Anywho, I was in tears the first note outta her mouth. Only ever happened before with Miriam Makeba, who I was lucky enough to sit front row for at City Center years ago. She's better live. She's also better when singing Latin classics. Hope you got to see her perform!!

ieishah said...

Vargas, sorry, is Costa Rican. But the race comment holds. CR's black population lives in Limon, separated from the rest of the country by skin color, language (they're bilingual), and mountains. I lived with them a year. They are totally representative of isolated and segregated black populations all over south and central America.

Nikkie said...

I have been following your blog since I picked up Kinky Gazpacho at a book store when it first came out. I saw the cover and thought, "Hey! That's me!" I studied in Spain twice and really love it there. After I read your book, I wished I would've known you growing up! You are a fabulous woman! Just had to tell you that:) I really like Buika. It's nice to see her noticed. She has a beautiful voice.

Anonymous said...

were you there at the Kimmel Center??? I didn't see you! Buika's show was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

I hope you saw Buika's show in Philly! I saw her last night & she was GREAT!!! I even got a picture with her. I'm so glad I heard her voice on Morning Edition two years ago.