Monday, January 31, 2011

The New York Times Tells Us A Little Something About Mixed Race America

Hi Meltingpot Readers,

I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to see a story on "Mixed-Race America" on the cover of yesterday's New York Times. I eagerly read the piece only to be mildly disappointed by the lack of new information presented. In a nutshell, the story proclaimed that many kids with multiple heritages are happily identifying with the label mixed and/or are able to check more than one box on all of those pesky forms. (yawn) I mean we over here on the Meltingpot have been talking about this stuff for years. And remember I started a t-shirt company because of this very phenomenon.

Nonetheless, when the New York Times deems Mixie issues front page news, that's a good thing. And the pictures are great. See for yourself on the New York Times website. Also included are some videos and multimedia presentations.

So come on Meltingpot readers, what do you think the Times should really write about regarding the Mixie community? What do you think should be front page news? I'm listening because if they don't pick it up, I certainly will.



MissAttitude said...

Now see I never thought about this too hard until today when I had to complete an online college profile. I had to select an ethnictiy. I'm a firm believer that I should get to check as many boxes as I want but I could not pick Latino and Black. But multiracial doesn't fit because to me, Latino is not a race. But maybe I'm wrong? So my counselor told me to go with multiracial but I'll probably ignore that and figure something else out. haha

How about they talk about people who assume your mixed if you have 'good hair'? Well that might be old news but really, isn't it all old news? The media is white-dominated and they are still trying to catch up ;)

LT said...

I like your attitude! And your idea. Being mistaken for mixed. That would be a good story!