Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday or Shut Up Donald Trump!!!

Meltingpot Readers,

I have no words for Donald Trump. I wish I could say the same for him. I wish he would shut his mouth with his racist and inflammatory rhetoric. I'm too mad to type. Here's a story from the Huffington Post with his latest nonsense.

I must go and get my blood pressure back down to normal levels before I have a stroke.



Marona said...

You'll probably have a heart attack when he starts running for president. :/ Some people would actually vote for this fool. Some US citizens need to wake the fuck up and start thinking regarding their interests. The Republican party is good at convincing people to vote against their interests.

MissA said...

He isn't running for president. While he is that much of a fool to think he could actually win, he wouldn't make money for himself while running for president so I doubt he will. Never thought I'd be grateful to Mitt Romney and Pawlenty but at least they don' buy into the birther thing....

and I'd like to see Trump try to get into Harvard without his money and reputation. What an idiot. I normally try not to use that word (especially on the internet) but the fact that he doesn't think Hawaii is part of the U.S. is baffling....

*head explodes*

lifeexplorerdiscovery said...

I am more angry by the fact that when Jonathan Capehart said that blacks have to go through this ordeal all time (proving they are qualified because of stereotypes) white people responded by saying he was playing the "race card" (I hate it when racists use that term because its a mechanism to keep racism alive by pretending its not real).

I always knew Trump was a cheesy sleazy badly tanned creepy dude. But its not guys like him I am worried about. Its the many other republicans that I find very dangerous. Guys like Trump just proved how easily republicans are at being manipulated into believing anything hateful.

Too bad none of them are going to walk away learning their lesson. No, Trump takes it a step further with the whole Harvard school qualifications thing.

LT said...

That's the part that I find most vexing is that people vote against the man who will help them the most.

Ha! I completely agree. Trump would have to take such a major pay cut to be president, he prolly couldn't handle it.

I think creepy is the perfect adjective for Trump.

Anonymous said...

As I was begrudgingly watching the last ten minutes of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’, I was pleasantly surprised by a breaking news report “ …The President will appear briefly to make a statement …” I immediately wondered whether the President needed some air time, you know, to reassure the American people that he was not born in Kenya. After all, Trump’s recent irritating “birther” nonsense had prompted the White house to release Obama’s birth certificate. Then the newscaster continued with “…CBS has confirmed that Osama bin Laden is dead …It is the end of an era…” What! The timing could not have been better for the “Kenyan” President’s major announcement. For me, it was a much better ending of a ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ episode than the one I anticipated earlier in the evening.


LT said...

Ha! Yes, a much better ending. But um, why were you watching Celebrity Apprentice? Please tell me it was LaToya Jackson :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LT,

It is actually NeNe Leaks... and Star Jones ...and maybe even LaToya Jackson. I am writing this as I am hiding my face in shame :)